CRISIS In Italy – Economy On Brink Of DISASTER As Political Divide WORSENS

Josh Sigurdson reports from Florence, Italy on the existential crisis the country currently faces. From a technical recession, potentially negative interest rates, the banking system and the price of living skyrocketing to Salvini and the upcoming election that is causing much divide among the populace, it’s fitting as per usual that the largest problems mankind tends to face are banks and governments.
This video is a guide for those outside of Italy and those within who speak English on what is truly happening within the country and the problems it faces. Interestingly, the problems Italy faces today are much like the problems the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and most other countries face. Picking between the left or right collectivist arms while being taxed for half of what you make while currency is printed out of thin air and people are forced to pay back the interest on the debt.
People are being played against each other and when you talk with people on the ground in Italy, there is a clear difference between what they are saying and what the majority of the national and international media is saying.


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