Cultural Appropriation Is Necessary For Human Progress

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by Daniel Carter

There is no doubt that the internet is filled with enormous mobs of left-wing ideologues waiting to display their supposed moral superiority. Whenever someone says or does something that may be received as remotely offensive, leftists show their “tolerance” and “open-mindedness” by berating them online. It’s not a couple leftists, or hundreds of leftists. It’s millions. We recently saw another example of this when Keziah Daum, a high school senior, decided to wear a Chinese qipao dress to her prom.

The mob of outraged leftists jumped on Keziah after this tweet from Jeremy Lam:

Keziah violated one of the left-wing authoritarians’ rules called Cultural Appropriation. According to the Marxist academics that came up with the concept, Cultural Appropriation is the adoption of the elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture. First, the formal definition is quite confusing. If we are considering the entire world, the Chinese have a strong argument to claim that they are the dominant culture. They have about a billion more people than the US, and many people expect China to be the world’s hegemony very soon.

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However, the concept of Cultural Appropriation is much more absurd than its confusing definition. For just a moment, try to imagine a world where no culture adopted elements of another culture. If humans had played by those rules, we would likely still live the way we did tens of thousands of years ago.

About 12,000 years ago, people living in the Fertile Crescent figured out they could farm with plants and animals to live a much more productive life. Instead of all societies efforts going towards hunting and gathering, farming created food surpluses which allowed society members to take up more specialized crafts. Farming was not an invention discovered by most people living on earth at the time. So, by the absurd standards of Cultural Appropriation, no one else should have be able to adopt that cultural element.

Now consider an idea as complex as the internet. Such a complicated idea cannot really be attributed to one person or culture. Many scientists toyed with the idea before its official invention. Eventually, the first workable prototype was invented by a team of US scientists at the Department of Defense. Seeing as the US is a minority culture compared to the population of the rest of the world, the standards of today’s leftists dictate that no other culture should be able to use the internet.

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As you can see from the inventions of two of the most important technologies in human history, the concept of Cultural Appropriation is absolutely insane. As humans, we progress by adopting and tinkering with foreign ideas. This is the way it has been for thousands of years, and it must continue if we want to keep evolving.

Luckily, the world is saner than the loud groups of left-wing extremists. The qipao prom dress stirred up controversy amongst SJWs in the US, but it was supported in China. Most people understand that it is usually an honor to have another culture adopt your own culture. Most people understand that this is for the good of humanity. We must not let hysterical leftists drown out this essential part of human progress.


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