“Currencies Issued By Government Is A Giant Confidence Game” – Joel Bowman


RTD Interview Questions:
1. What comes to mind when Joel Bowman hear the words “Rethinking the Dollar”? (1:15)
2. How important is it for citizens to take more interest in their financial education? (3:00)
3. How did Joel Bowman arrive as Editing Director for International Man? (6:30)
4. What are some of the key distinctions or differences in lifestyle between the USA and second world countries? Do you see there being a shift one day? (8:00)
5. Does he see a trend in the USA heading down the same socialist pathway of other nations? (11:00)
6. When the economy slows down what is the chance of UBI being offered as a solution? (16:00)
7 How is life living in Columbia right next door to Venezuela? (18:00)
8. What are some of the best ways of preserving purchasing power based upon his travels to dozens of countries? (21:00)
9. What are some of the pros and cons of living abroad? Is there a country that would be immune from economic chaos? (24:00)