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Traders Brace for Full-Blown Currency War as China’s Yuan Sinks
Traders in Asia are bracing for a full-fledged currency war, after a slide in China’s yuan past the 7 per dollar mark raised the prospect of policy makers allowing …
9 hours ago
The Guardian
Markets fall sharply amid fears of full-scale US-China currency war
Financial markets around the world have fallen sharply amid growing fears that the US-China trade dispute could escalate into a full-scale currency war, with …
52 mins ago
Currency war begins as China hurls devaluation back in Trump’s face
Commerzbank said China’s decision to engineer such a sudden move in its tightly managed currency has far-reaching implications for the whole international …
2 hours ago
Trade War, Currency War or Cold War?: Market Recon
“A currency war fought by one country through competitive devaluations of its currency against others, is one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in …
1 hour ago
Worry About a Currency War if Yuan Weakens Further, Says …
Martin Malone, chief economic advisor at Alphabook, discusses the possibility of a currency war now that the yuan has breached the 7 level. He speaks on …
7 hours ago
These Charts Show Global Markets Roiled as Yuan Breaches 7 Level
“The thought of a currency war is crossing a few traders’ minds and one of the reasons why it’s jump first into gold and ask questions later,” said Stephen Innes, …
9 hours ago
Yahoo Finance
StockBeat: Markets Rout as China Hints at Currency War
By Geoffrey Smith. — Europe’s stock markets faced a test of nerve on Monday – and resoundingly flunked it. Markets succumbed to a general rout …
3 hours ago


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