Current Unemployment rate: 5,797,000

by theoreticalpigeon

EDIT: This is Unemployment data that is mostly a direct result of Covid19. The most recent unemployment data shows that the U.S. was already at roughly 3.5% or 6,000,000 people. Adding the additional (roughly 6 million people), leaves a total of about 12,000,000, double what it was before this pandemic started.

EDIT # 2: I created an additional link below that is view/comment only as the original got spammed pretty hard. Add comments if you have any new information you’d like me to include.

Hey everyone, I compiled a list of every US state with the corresponding number of unemployment claims submitted recently due to the Coronavirus shutting everything down.

Based off of the most up-to-date news articles found online, so far there have been nearly 6 million unemployment claims submitted in the US in just this past week alone.

The list I compiled is missing about 15 states, so I expect the number to be much higher. It’s also important to mention that a lot of the sources used are roughly a week old. It seems like states have been withholding numbers recently due to Trump’s orders.

Here is a link to the Google Spreadsheet I created, anyone can make edits/add data and notes.



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