D-Day Reloaded? Watch Illegal Immigrants Storming a Beach in Spain (VIDEO)

by Chris Black


I really don’t know how to begin this article, but to ask you to watch this 1 minute video taken on Sunday afternoon by a shocked tourist at La Barrosa beach in Cádiz, Spain.



The 54 seconds long video depicts a platoon of sorts, composed presumably of Angela Merkel’s engineers and architects, storming a sunny beach in Spain upon their arrival in a flashy rubber dingy; you know, Spain, a so-called civilized country with a standing army and member of NATO, formerly conquered by Muslim Moors over 1,000 years ago if memory serves. And it’s happening again, but this time without a fight. Only a whimper. And some cool selfies and all that vibrant diversity stuff.


One may argue, okay Chris, but at least, now we get to see pictures and cool videos with the “happening”. I mean,  isn’t it great to witness multiculturalism pouring upon those clueless Spaniards from the darkest Africa? Think I am kidding? Look again. Can you seen any women and children? As in, refugees, as the mainstream media keeps calling them?


All I see is something resembling a military operation, with military age young males rushing in in the rubber dingy, landing in force. What are you thinking while watching this  video, seriously? In my case, it’s this:



Obviously, sans “the resistance”. It’s like the Omaha beach assault in Normandy, but without machine-guns and without Wehrmacht soldiers defending their positions. Here’s from El País, a Spanish newspaper:

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“A small boat carrying a group of migrants landed at La Barrosa beach in Cádiz on Sunday afternoon. Beachgoers at the crowded vacation spot looked on in astonishment as the inflatable craft approached the shore, letting those on board jump off and run towards the cliff. According to witnesses, many of the migrants appeared to be minors. According to the Interior Ministry, 17,605 undocumented migrants have arrived in Spain by sea since the beginning of the year, and 3,292 more have entered by land through Ceuta and Melilla. An average of 54 people arrived in Spain by sea each day in the first five months of 2018. That average has since shot up to 220 per day.”


Remember, these guys storming the beach in an inflatable boat and rushing inland are migrants, not invaders. Basically, entering a country without permission is now called migrating, not invading. It’s essential to remember how propaganda works. Linguistics are crucial, because words and language influence the way people think about issues.


That’s why Orwell wrote extensively about “new-speak” in his  dystopian novel 1984. New-speak is always used by totalitarian regimes to indoctrinate their population, hence calling things by their real name is how you defeat propaganda. In new-speak, war is peace, ignorance is strength, invaders are migrants, and so on and so forth.


Don’t be fooled by these attempts to manipulate reality from the politicians and their lapdog mainstream media.  It’s interesting to notice that the “Open Arms” and “Aquarius” boats have medical staff wearing “HazMat” clothing on, to presumably check the illegal aliens for exotic diseases before allowing them to reach Spanish soil. That’s funny. I mean, who knows what diseases are being brought ashore by these illegals who have not had a medical check up in their entire lives??


Where is the health/safety protection for all Spanish citizens ?? I am not blaming the “refugees”, because they probably do not know this themselves and frankly, they couldn’t care less.




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