DALLAS TX COLDER NOW than in 1899 . Mini ice age here, get ready.

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I played Frostpunk a lot. and I won
I like cold.

I think I am ready for this-

Dallas minimum weather was -8 C in 1899
Now it is in -13 C


record low

I congratulate my master and mentor economist Martin Armstrong. He saw it coming fuckers.
he is the best real deal. and he was jailed by the Cartel.
I love Martin and I am his greatest fan from Argentina and he knows it.

Embrace yourself.

Dallas weather now Feb 15 2021

I just karmapinned this shit as a tribute to my mentor ARmstrong.

he saw it coming. I am your greatest fan from Argentina.
You saw the mini ice age coming since you track all types of economic cycles of the world.
I love you Martin!!




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