Who wants to be Judge Judy? 45 Million Annual Salary!

A superior court judge ruled that 45 million dollars a year is not unreasonable.

Are you kidding me? No one needs that much a year. lol
That’s insane.

“A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that Judge Judy Sheindlin’s annual salary of $45 million is not unreasonable.”

““That Judge Sheindlin is paid more than other television hosts does not establish her salary is unreasonable or that Defendants negotiated the salary in bad faith,” Judge Joanne O’Donnell wrote. “Plaintiff has presented no evidence that the salary was negotiated in bad faith or is unreasonable in light of the undisputed ‘resounding success’ of ‘Judge Judy’ and the fact that without its namesake star the show would not continue.””



h/t Diabolical