Daniel Lacalle: Lets Talk Global Trade Deals, The Next Recession & 2020 Expectations

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Rethinking the Dollar, Released on 12/18/19

Daniel’s website: www.dlacalle.com/en/

Daniel Lacalle has a PhD in Economy, is Professor of Global Economy and Fund manager. He holds the CIIA financial analyst title, with a post graduate degree in IESE and a master’s degree in economic investigation. Member of the advisory board of the Rafael del Pino foundation. He was ranked Top 20 most influential economist in the world 2016 (Richtopia), and is author of the best-selling books “Escape from the Central Bank Trap” (2017, BEP) ,“Life In The Financial Markets” (Wiley, 2014) and “The Energy World Is Flat” (Wiley, 2014, with Diego Parrilla), translated to Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.


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