Danielle Fong $1.9 million June $200 $SPY puts YOLO

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by opticallychallenged

At DanielleFong on Twitter is doing a crazy YOLO with daily updates. As of today she has nearly $2 million of $200 strike SPY puts expiring in June.

Have been following the story for awhile and she started with much less, about $200k from the sale of her family’s Chinese restaurant and plowed it into $SPY puts back in February on anticipation of COVID, which at market trough were worth about $7 million.


If you Google her she founded a company that raised $80 million from Bill Gates and Peter Thiel… and it didn’t work out. It seems like she has been trying to write her second act by parlaying her options profits into investing in Corona-chan anti-virals.

Just thought you’d all want to see this high stakes YOLO to follow along the next few months. She is super bearish on the markets right now because of Corona and just putting obscene money on OTM puts…

It’s entertaining and she’s either going to get rich as hell or go out in a blaze of glory.


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