Dash for cash: companies draw $124bn from credit lines [FT]

During the past three weeks, more than 130 companies in Europe and the Americas have drawn at least $124.1bn from their lenders, according to an analysis of public disclosures by the Financial Times and people briefed on the activity. The true figure is likely to be much higher, since publicly traded companies are not required to report the drawdowns immediately and privately held groups often have no obligation to announce them at all.
Back when the world was awash with liquidity, lenders would offer low-cost revolving credit facilities — akin to a credit card — as a perk to win other business. The banks believed that most would never be used in full; such was the stigma of large companies drawing them.
But credit is now harder to come by. The $10tn US corporate bond market, where investors had eagerly lapped up debt offerings from even the shakiest companies, is now reserved for the most well-known and financially sound — the likes of Walt Disney, Coca-Cola and UPS. The short-term commercial paper market has also been frozen, requiring emergency surgery from the Federal Reserve.


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