Data on Alleged New COVID Variant from the UK

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by Chirs Black

There has been a grand total of 22 cases of the “Omicron variant” up to November 30th. Of those 22 people, 12 were double “vaccinated” and 6 were unvaccinated. 

Naturally, the UK government is rolling out more “booster vaccines” to “protect” people from “COVID,” even though the virus is not a threat and the vaccines are evidently completely useless and in many cases actively harmful to peoples’ health.

The article also claims that “80% of the population over 12 has now had two jabs,” which is probably a lie but disturbing if true.

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According to the WHO, nobody has died from this new “COVID” variant:

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Governments around the world will play their usual trick this winter and rebrand seasonal cold and flu viruses as “COVID” to artificially inflate numbers of the memevirus, as they did in 2020 and 2019.

Study of 2878 “booster vaccine” participants from University of Birmingham. 1 in 3 reported adverse effects, 1% suffered from severe side effects. 

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This is to “protect” people from a flu-like virus with a 99.98% survival rate for healthy people under 70, and 99.993% for healthy people under 60. 

Most people are more likely to be crippled or killed by “vaccine” side effects than from COVID itself — and that’s if people are even catching COVID itself and not re-branded cold/flu viruses.

The study described the so-called vaccines as “safe.” So, does that mean the virus itself is also “safe”? It is by their metric.




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