David Hogg says he is not going to ALLOW the sheriff to be blamed.

David Hogg: “I’m Not Going to Allow” Gov. Scott to Blame Sheriff Israel

More evidence that Parkland student-turned-gun-control-celebrity David Hogg has gone on a power trip. Two days ago, we noted Hogg threatening to “take care” of FedEx if it didn’t drop its affiliation with the NRA.
Appearing on Morning Joe today, Hogg declared “I’m not to going allow” Governor Scott to blame Sheriff Israel regarding the shooting. Hogg claimed Israel is merely part of the “bureaucracy,” whereas “elected officials” like Scott “are in charge of them. This is their fault . . . Gov. Rick Scott is essentially the boss of Scott Israel.”

Broward County Sheriff Israel Denies Mishandling Shooting Response. Credits Himself With “Amazing Leadership.”
Broward County Sheriff Israel Denies Mishandling Shooting Response
. It’s beginning to sound like Sheriff Dumbass may have ordered them to not go in and let kids die. Why else wouldn’t he not be able to tell ‘anything about that?’ If he can’t then he’s for certain incompetent.
Israel dodged when asked if the deputies may have received a “stand down” order that prevented them from entering the school.
“I can’t tell you anything about that,” Israel said when asked about a potential stand down order. “I haven’t heard that…right now, Jake, the focus of this agency is on a successful prosecution of the killer.”
The delusion is strong with this one.