DD: Looking For Some Cheaper Premium Puts? Looking to Diversify Your Puts? Here Are Some Ideas!

by Sleavitt10

Alright so SPY premiums are really expensive right now but you still want to short the market. Here are some positions that I’m holding right now that are fairly liquid (there’s a range), decent premiums (at least when I bought them) and are based on different ideas so some of them may still pay tendies in different market conditions:

(Alphabetical Order)

ACWI (All Country World Index) – Seems like the entire world economy is being effected right now

BAC – This one might be too late. Mine has a September expiry. I bought this one because of all the shit going down with corporate debt bubbles and the repo market shenanigans

BBVA – Cheap international bank failure exposure

BK – Honestly bought this one because it was cheap and because the put / call ratio was huge so some institution that knows way more than me figured out a reason to buy puts on it

DIA – Sometimes cheaper alternative to SPY worth keeping an eye on and obviously still quite liquid

DIS – This sub has covered this one fairly extensively

EEM – See ACWI + emerging markets have worse healthcare systems

EFA – Great exposure to parts of the world heavily effected by beer virus

EMB – See EEM + repo posts on this sub

EPI – India’s fucked

ERI – Casinos are fucked

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EWG – Germany’s fucked

EWI – Italy’s fucked

EZU – Eurozone’s fucked

F – Saw a post of r/Coronavirus about how fucked Europe is and how bad car sales are going to be

FUN – Theme parks are fucked

HYG – The highest put / call ratio on the stock market. I’m guessing something to do with BBB shit getting downgraded to Junk and everything else getting downgraded further. Hundreds of thousands of puts on this thing so obviously someone way smarter than me knows something.

INDA – India’s fucked

KRE – Financial sector’s fucked

LQD – As investment grade bonds get downgraded this fund may struggle to find shit to buy. Also people are beginning to realize the shit that’s in it right now is garbage

LVS – Casinos are fucked

LYV – Concerts are fucked

MAT – BRUTAL financials. Imagine going down on a day where the market was up 5%

PSP – Another one with TONS of puts on it. My best guess is with the impending recession the thesis is that the firms within these funds have some bad assets on their books

QQQ – Pretty normal to see this here but thought I would include it regardless

SPCE – Obvious reasons. Got into this one a couple weeks ago. As the market goes down this should go down twice as much. Premiums might be too high at this point.

READ  ALL OF THEIR IDEAS ARE HORRIBLE: Raising The Minimum Wage Is A Horrid Idea.

SQQQ – Just buy some SQQQ shares on up days if you think it will go down the next day

TRIP – Travel’s fucked

UBER – Self explanatory I think

UCO – Buy puts on this one if you think oil will go down. Buy shares or calls if you think it will go up

VNQ – Super high put/call ratio. I think the MM’s think real estate is fucked.

WMT – I’m not sure on this one but it feels like it hadn’t really seen much downside when I bought it

XIC.TO – High put/call ratio, low premiums, seems to follow SPY fairly closely


XLF – Financial Sector’s fucked between low interest rates and repo bullshit

Expiry dates range from April to June with a couple Septembers. I may have been better off just buying SPY puts but I’ve always been one to try and think outside the box. I’m by no means an expert at this so please do your own research before buying puts on any of these.

Please let me know what you autists think and if you have any plays that you like that you think we should consider!



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.