Dear Democratic party: it’s time to stop rigging the primaries — If Democrats want any hope of voting Trump out, they must fix the broken primary system before the next election

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Everyone knows that the DNC and the Clinton campaign colluded with one another to deliver the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton, where she failed in 2008 against former President Obama.

It’s very well documented history.

Yet it’s something that you are absolutely not allowed to discuss in the MSM.

That is because the MSM was complicit in delivering the Democratic nomination to the Clinton campaign, so it is in the mainstream media’s best interests to sweep all the 2016 Democratic primary chicanery that took place under the rug.

This is the true reason that the Russiagate story has become so massive in mainstream media, because it allows them to obfuscate their own nefarious activities in the 2016 election cycle and focus on the foreign, Russian boogeyman threat.

The only problem is that millions of people know that the DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders, who presumably would have gone on to defeat Donald Trump in a general election, had he been allowed a fair shot at the nomination.

So the real reason that we have Donald Trump as President is because the DNC decided to screw over the best candidate, Bernie Sanders, and force a failed candidate from 2008, Hillary Clinton, down the throats of American voters.

So now the DNC has a real credibility problem, particularly with younger voters that supported Sanders in 2016.

So what is their solution, start preparing for the next screw job in 2020.

The DNC just passed a new rule late, last week, that would shut out candidates from participating in the 2020 Democratic Presidential primary, unless they are avowed, party line Democrats, so in other words, anyone but Bernie Sanders.

The DNC would rather let Republicans rule the country for decades as long as it didn’t mean that true liberals and leftists got to take over the Democratic party again.

theguardian – Dear Democratic party: it’s time to stop rigging the primaries

Ask countless Bernie Sanders supporters, and they’ll tell you a big reason he lost the Democratic party primaries is simple: the process was rigged. In one state after another, the votes by party elites – so-called “superdelegates” – counted more than those of regular members. And arduous voting requirements meant that countless people who would have voted for Sanders were denied that right. If the Democrats want any hope of voting Trump out of the White House, it is urgent they fix this broken system before the next election.

As a member of Sanders’ campaign, I’ll never forget watching the primary votes being counted for Michigan, one of the key states that decided the 2016 election. Sanders’ “pledged delegate count” – which reflected the number of votes he received from rank-and-file Democrats – exceeded Clinton’s by four. But after the superdelegates cast their ballots, the roll call registered “Clinton 76, Sanders 67”.

This repeated itself in other states. In Indiana, Sanders won the vote 44 to 39, but, after the super delegates had their say, Clinton was granted 46 delegates, versus Sanders’ 44. In New Hampshire, where Sanders won the vote by a gaping margin (60% to 38%) and set a record for the largest number of votes ever, the screen read “16 Sanders, 16 Clinton”.

Sanders “lost” those states because hundreds of superdelegates had pledged their votes long before the primaries and caucuses began. By including those prearranged votes, running media tallies reinforced the inevitability of a Clinton win and the common perception that the Democratic primary was “rigged”. In June, the Associated Press went so far as to call the primary in Clinton’s favor – before Californians even had a chance to cast their votes.

During the New York primary, between 3 and 4 million “unaffiliated” voters were disenfranchised due to a statute that required changing one’s party affiliation 25 days prior to the previous general election. In 2016, that deadline was 193 days before election day. Over a third of under-30 voters – Sanders’s core constituency – weren’t registered to any political party. When those young people tried to vote, they were turned away.

In New York and other Democratic-leaning states, primaries have serious consequences. For this year’s New York state primary, the deadline for unaffiliated voters to register Democratic is 11 months before the actual vote, a requirement that tilts the playing field in favor of incumbents. Unaffiliated voters wishing to support Cynthia Nixon’s bid for governor, for example, will never have had a chance to vote for her, because that deadline passed before she announced her candidacy. The Democratic party, in turn, forfeited its chance to attract millions of independent and unaffiliated voters to participate in its primary.

In 2016, the progressive grassroots wing of the Democratic party, which strongly supported Sanders, raised persistent alarms about the blatant structural bias of the primary system. The result was the formation of a tripartite Unity Reform Commission (with 10 representatives from the Clinton campaign, eight for Sanders, and three appointed by the chair).


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