Dear God, It Is Everywhere – FBI Investigates Louisville Police Department For Rape And Filming Of A Minor.

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by Pamela Williams
I first thought I would pass this report up, but I believe at this point, it is time to pause and recognize the epidemic that has taken over America.  Dear God, why is this happening here in our Country?  Of course, it is not just here in America, it is the world over.  This is overwhelming, and we have to understand why it is that society has fallen to this most evil of evils:  pedophilia.  I do not know of a worse crime against humanity, or a worse sin in God’s eyes.  He must be weeping for all His lost souls.
Louisville’s mayor announced that he has asked the FBI to investigate what he called “our worst nightmare,” the alleged sexual abuse of children in the police department’s Youth Explorer program.Mayor Greg Fischer also said he had hired former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey to review an investigation conducted by Louisville Metro Police and determine whether “errors were made,” including by police Chief Steve Conrad.  “If there has been an injustice, it will be remedied,” Fischer said Friday.
A lawsuit filed last week on behalf of a former scout identified as N.C. charges that his alleged rape by Officers Kenneth Betts and Brandon Wood was “concealed” by department officials. Betts and Wood are accused of sexually assaulting the former scout from 2011 through 2013 and recording the incidents to make porn.  When we first read such a statement, or when I first read it, I wonder how the child survived mentally and physically.  That young child has grown up to be a 20 year old man.  This is something that was alleged to have happened when he was a child in the Explorer Program run by the Police Department.
Can a child come out of torture like this and grow up to be a “normal” functioning adult?  What type of studies have been done on this?  What are we going to do about this as a society?  These are all questions that must be answered now, as we know the epidemic is now.
One researcher went undercover on the Deep Web.  She penetrated a group of pedophiles.  She said that it is used by drug dealers, but it is where most pedophiles live.  She has learned five things about these sick people.

  1. She  used the same anonymizing service revered by drug dealers and privacy advocates: Tor. If you don’t pay much attention to Internet-news, Tor is a free service that is used to try and thwart government surveillance of online communication . Tor was developed with a lot of government help and is currently used by the military, NSA, and CIA for their own stealth-browsing needs.
  2. Child  pornographers do have their own Wikipedia, which is accessible through Tor. It’s named “Hard Candy,” because they believe there is no God and whatever odious being vomited us into existence abandoned us to the void long ago.  I have to say I am not surprised by this, as no one could believe in God and violate a child, ruining its life forever…basically marking the child’s soul with shame and a lifelong struggle to understand the abuse.
  3. The young researcher who was doing research for her thesis paper,  became very afraid the deeper she penetrated into the world of pedophiles.  When she made it into an exclusive club, she had a pay a price by sending in her own files.  “She who fights with monsters should look to it that she herself doesn’t get raided by the FBI for her browser history.”
  4. The legal status of her work was rather murky. “Researchers do have some legal protections in these situations, but her primary adviser was fuzzy about whether she was even eligible as an undergrad.  She said “this started six months of paranoia that every time the doorbell rang, it was the FBI coming to get me for my data. Sometimes, I still jump [when I hear it].”   
  5. She discovered that there are two kind of pedophiles:  those who think they are doing nothing wrong by” loving” children as it is natural.  The second group are brutal abusers and do not care if they even bring a child to death.

The researcher said it was the worst experience of her life, and it has left her damaged.  One can only use her experience to obtain more insight into a world epidemic.  It is too the point, one wonders whom one can trust.  Here we have officials we are supposed to be able to trust with our children, but we can’t.
The laws need to change to accommodate the growing epidemic the current society finds itself in.  Somehow I am optimistic that this change is coming.  I will continue to pray for our Children  all over the world.

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On Thursday, Metro Councilmember David James announced the FBI had agreed to a preliminary investigation into allegations of rape and a coverup in LMPD’s Explorer Program.
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19 thoughts on “Dear God, It Is Everywhere – FBI Investigates Louisville Police Department For Rape And Filming Of A Minor.

  1. Pamela. You ask if a sexually abused child can grow up and have a normal life? There have been enough studies done to conclude that the answer is No. They are damaged for ever and for those pre-puberty it is even worse, They will always be conflicted in their sexual orientation and become damaged adults. Those whose perpetrate these unforgivable acts have to be separated from society. Girls are usually at risk from a relative. Male pedophiles usually put themselves in a position to abuse twenty or thirty boys. A male pedo abusing boys can cause damage to a greater number of children. This is the biggest problem of our time and will be difficult to rectify. We should all ask God to intervene on the children’s behalf.

    • red, you feel exactly as I do. I am so troubled over this I have meditated with God over it. I had an experience in which He let me know that the pain I was suffering was His pain, too. He told me He depended on His children speak with Him that we may share the pain and pray. He told me to not doubt that prayers do work.

        • ROTB, we have lost this round of the battle, and I am asking that all of us pray about what God wants us to do next for the children. An alternative media personality has apologized to individuals who have questionable ties to pedophilia. Yet, I am praying for discernment, as we cannot accuse those who are innocent. But in this case there has been circumstantial evidence that has disappeared.

          • We may have lost, but remember the “great and precious promises” of the New Testament, and pray sans quitting per Luke 18:1.
            Pray worship seek praise fast REPENT repeat

  2. Pamela, you need to put this in perspective to achieve some balance. This aborent behavior is certainly not new. What is new are the various reporting and exposure methods. 30 years ago what was going on in one state was rarely even noticed in another. No support groups were availabe besides churches where much abuse was also going on unfortunately.
    So the “sudden” exposure of so much sickness seems almost pandemic. I had a girl friend in the 60’s who was a victim and it definately defined the borders of our relationship.
    The behavior of mostly men towards females has become more hostile and demeaning. With young women with low self esteem caught in fashion porn and activity, and men unable to find true examples of compassionate manhood role models in a nation daily blasted with sexual overkill in ads and entertainment, what do we expect?
    Decades ago a German friend told me…”In Europe sex is a reality, but in America it is an obsession.”

      • I really like the idea of “family” you know, be it blood or out here in virtual reality, we have the opportunity to act out of love. Supporting your effort with honest insight just seems the right thing to do.

        • Well, see…you always know what to say to me that truly resonates with my spirit, and it does seem you know me. I am glad I know you.

          • Kindred hey? ???? For me, the connection to others has nothing to do with age, nationality, etc. There seems to be many of us these days who sincerely want the world to be better, not just their own lives.

  3. The cops did this! To Federal Court they go to face a seasoned district judge! I hope Judge Sessions hears about this!

  4. You seem surprised as if this was a recent phenomenon? It’s not. But who can blame you if you never believed us tinfoilers even though we’ve been talking about this for years? That they prefer white kids. That they put them on private jets and send them to the middle east? Or that they get eaten by Reptilians after raping them.

  5. PLEASE parents need to stand together, PLEASE…TWEET to Pres. Trump, tell him to not cover up PIZZAGATE (PEDOGATE) we need to bring it out in the open! We have Congressmen and Senators that are pedophiles. I do believe this is why they are so dysfunctional and can not get their jobs done (blackmail). Some are fighting against Pres. Trump so hard that I think they are scared he will bring it into the open. I think this is the main reason for our dysfunction in government!! Fear will kill us all if we do not speak out!

    • I cannot believe that I just found your post. I was checking my disqus, and it led me back here. Thank you for speaking out. We have just been dealt a hard blow by a alternative media outlet that has issued an apology to suspect characters, and now frankly I do not know where our freedom of speech lies now. As Christian soldiers we have lost the first round of the battle against the pedophiles. I am so lost right now and struggling to understand what God wants us to do now.

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