Dear Mr President, It's Time To End Internet Censorship

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MSM is the enemy of the United States of America. They hate our Constitution and our success.

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Alex Jones and Infowars has received their second strike on their youtube channel. It is time to end internet censorship now and make this a free and open internet once again.

1 thought on “Dear Mr President, It's Time To End Internet Censorship

  1. Maybe Alex Jones shouldn’t ban people who disagree with him from commenting on his youtube vids (I’ve been shadowbanned for over a year now, starting with JUST HIS CHANNEL!), and ban people from using Disqus on Infowars (I’m banned, and on Natural News and Gateway Pundit as well). If he and others like him are going to complain about censorship. Hypocrites all!
    I didn’t post threats or profanity or nude pictures, just arguments that disagreed with their views. That’s the alt lite for you.
    And I’m far from the only one.

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