Dear Remnant: The Best Things in Life are Free

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

An online friend and fellow blogger posted an article on his website last month entitled: “It’s a Fourth Turning, What Did You Expect?”.  Since then, the question has roiled in my mind and my answer remains: “not this”.  Recent events and circumstances are NOT what I expected because, honestly, they are more bizarre than I would have imagined.

Keep in mind the words you’re reading were typed by someone who has been waiting for the bombs to drop since high school. I’ve always had a sense of doom – perhaps due to my curious mind and my innate willingness to apply logic. As a result, I went Galt in the spring of 2011, or about 6 months before Ann Barnhardt, the commodities broker who joined Galt’s Gulch upon typing her epic letter against the corrupt collapse of MF Global.

As a member of Strauss and Howe’s Nomad Generation, my personal alarm bells went off around the time of the Judge Bork non-confirmation and the concurrent Black Monday, in 1987. Next came the stained blue dress, hanging chads, 911, The War on Terror, TARP, and Obamacare. By that time, I figured the jig was up.  Then, it was the Benghazi/YouTube clownshow and by the time the red line in Syria was crossed, I was nestled into my allegorical “bunker” waiting for the TV screens to go static.

Now, Covidism? Nope. Definitely not the Fourth Turning I expected.

For those unfamiliar with  Strauss and Howe Generational Theory, it is an ideological construct addressing how 20-year generational turnings consistently cycle into cataclysmic societal climaxes at every fourth generation, or roughly every 80 years since the year 1584 in America.

The last three American Fourth Turnings delivered the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II, respectively. Now, here we go again, 80 years later. Look around you. We are engulfed by what authors William Strauss and Neil Howe described as “the core elements of these [Fourth Turning] scenarios”:  Debt, civic decay, and global disorder.

Note that each of the past fourth turnings were more cataclysmic than the last; and, seemingly, in direct correlation with the global advancement in technology.

In other words… in the age of the Technocracy, the sh*t is really about to hit the fan; an unbelievable volume of it, in fact. And, like a fuse being lit, it’s already burning toward the inevitable outcome: one way, or another.

Is it strange to have preferred a Mad-Max-type fourth turning as opposed to one with Karens, masked kids, snitches, superstitions, and scapegoats?


But in a Mad-Max scenario, it might have been possible to wait out the storm and emerge in the aftermath to find what could be salvaged.  At least, that is how it played out in my mind.  However, as we are now discovering, laying low is not an option under Covidism. In the age of vaccine passports, digital identification, and a cashless economy, there will be no hiding.  You are either in the system, or out.

In my own community, I’ve made my stand publically. I did it earlier as opposed to being too late; and, in so doing, I’ve made myself a target for those embracing collectivism, The Great Reset®, and Covid deceptions. People are either with me or against me and my choices were made for me, and by me.  In other words, my decisions were forced involuntarily at first, but, now, are voluntary.

Therefore, the inherent inevitability of this turning (i.e. revolution) currently has me considering the intricacies of binaries.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called “A Modern-Day Paul Revere Not Warning of Noah’s Flood at a Wedding”. Therein, I described how relationships are often affected by chance and solidified by our choices such as yes or notrue or false, better or worse:

…one wonders how such decisions are made. Could it be by simple comparisons? What if all our interactions and preferences could be distilled down to personal coding, like computer binaries of 1 and 0. “I like this better than that. Or what she said more than what he said. And that more than this.” And so forth.

Moreover, if that does actually represent “Human Basic 1.0”, then, perhaps, it becomes a choice between the following binaries (and within our inherent programming designed to acquire all of our favorite things):

1.) To thine own self be true


0.) What does it profit to gain the whole world but lose your soul?

Certainly, honesty may be the best policy, but who decides? In fact, maybe the “who decides” is the most important binary of all?

Accordingly, I believe my considerations of binaries during this fourth turning must involve values, the source of values, and what survives the fire.  This is because, in the end, we are dealing with corrupt power and survival; and the ultimate outcomes will either be sustainable or unsustainable.

As mentioned before, Covid has forced my public proclamations in my community. The binary of 1 and 0 has caused me to decide and in a manner for which I was not prepared. It means I calculated the odds of going public – even if my odds of an early death have now increased as a result.

Over the past several decades, and, especially, during the previous 18 months, we’ve witnessed the last vestiges of the American social contract being shredded. This has been done with certain finality.  It means there will be no more demurs or ambiguity. At this point in time, you’re either in or you’re out.

This has been the way of things during previous fourth turnings, as well. Perhaps because Zero Sum Gain ideology prevails in both war and survival.  There is no longer any allowance for nuanced debate; and, when there is nothing more to compromise, war ensues. It is the next inevitable step and, during such times, logic will dictate the following:  If this, then that.  Offense or defense. Events and circumstances become as simple as following a flowchart: surviving or dying, life or death, God and the devil, Jesus or Hitler.

And when the tongue-in-cheek binaries are set aside, what remains are dangerous lines of thought, to be sure, because hard choices must be made consistently – and, especially, during the unavoidable times of great distress.

In a previous article entitled “The Goal of Covidism is Communism”, I described what is at “stake” for the “stakeholders” now using Covid as their means to deliver The Great Reset®:

…the Covidists are completely committed. They have now passed the point of no return. They will never back down because the end result of Covidism either has them lined up against walls and hanging from ropes or with the masses in digital chains.

As history has demonstrated, hegemonic systems operate according to an agenda; and in accordance with particular ideologies that, by default, align with specific values and core principles.  Here is what defines the revolution: Out with the old and in with the new.

A recent article tying The Great Reset’s “Stakeholder Capitalism” as “a Trojan Horse for China” described how the “new” agenda has surreptitiously manifested, as if by a hidden hand, under the guise of corporate mandates

Here’s what “stakeholder capitalists” miss: Once corporations become vehicles to further an agenda other than shareholder value, they become vehicles to advance any agenda, including those of foreign adversaries.

Case in point: In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has become a key stakeholder of many American multinationals — from Nike to Visa to BlackRock. It’s now flexing its muscle in ways that — no surprise — strengthens China’s interests at the expense of American ones.

Sure, there are some now reading these words who believe The Great Reset is outright Fascism and many may still believe Fascism and Marxism are binaries: such as “right” versus “left”.  Yet, once again, it was conservative author Ayn Rand who labeled fascism as “socialism for big business” and we have all, since, heard the phrase:  “the goal of Socialism is Communism”.

Honestly, all of these “isms” manifest as individual rights and liberty being subsumed by The Collective.

It is my contention the global cult Initiation that took place in the Spring of 2020 was a Luciferian rite of passage that will ultimately be administered via communism – if only because of its historically proven track record of tyrannical efficiency.  Additionally, the foreclosure on all private property, and its acquisition, is now occurring through power and deception.  Furthermore, even the very physical bodies of the Proletariat are currently considered as part of The Collective.  Hence the vaccine mandates.  This is, actually, a recurring historical ideology in the process of being rebranded as The Great Reset®.

Chinese communist Mao Zedong claimed political power grew from the barrel of a gun because Karl Marx wrote in his Manifesto of the Communist Party: “…the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

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Although the Inner Party behind The Great Reset may claim to be de facto health and climate ideologues, their vain protestations do not make it so. They may even believe that only they understand the necessities required to sustain the planet and, therefore, their intentions are what is best for mankind. But, truthfully, they simply want the world and they want it now.  For them, it’s a matter of survival and it’s just time.  And for us serfs?  We will own nothing and be happy.

Do you see it now?

From a Biblical point of view, one could argue secularism is the manifestation of Man becoming his own god; and part of that delusionally-acquired and, therefore, illicit “burden” requires making decisions on behalf of the little people living below.

Although most people don’t view themselves, or the world, from a Biblical perspective, this doesn’t mean they aren’t still operating according to binaries expressed through fundamental values and core principles.  In other words, all political ideology, and, even, theology, distills down to the stories in people’s heads.  The stories are either non-fiction or fiction; and as revealed over time. One way, or another.

In many of my past articles, I’ve alluded to “faith” as defined by “action(s)” inspired by what people believe. This is, obviously, why the Bible states “faith without works is dead”. In other words, we are what we believe because we are what we do.

A golfer golfs, a drunk drinks, a wife-beater beats his wife, and the Covidists demonstrate through specific action, the precepts and sacraments of Covidism.

Narratives rule the world by generating consent and I’m of the opinion that people rarely change their minds. The best that can be done is to try to guide the dupes into realizing certain conclusions in order to open their minds; if and when possible.   An example might include explaining how America’s new totalitarian system is being delivered upon the foundation of vaccine passports. Many people, even liberals, can sense the change in America today.

But when dealing with others engaged in double-think (i.e. relativism) and normalcy bias (sloth), reason does not apply. This is why the useful idiots believe Creepy Joe’s vaccination mandates and his southern border policies make perfect sense together.

In a September 2021 article entitled “The Great Reset: How a ‘Managerial Revolution’ Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon”, a 1941 book entitled “The Managerial Revolution”, by James Burnham, is said to have inspired both George Orwell’s “1984” and The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.  In the article, the term “Dialectical Materialism” is mentioned a total of eight times. It is a term which derives from Marxist conceptions and an ideology that connects evolution, constant revolution, Mao’s essay “On Contradiction”, Orwell’s “1984”and “Double-Think”, Collectivism (in all its forms), Social Darwinism, Malthusian depopulation, Political Correctness, Social Justice, Stakeholder Capitalism and The Great Reset.

Dialectical Materialism is about the struggle for power. It is Mankind building his heaven on earth via political “Praxis” as manifested via class struggle:


… the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. “Praxis” may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas.

…. It has meaning in the political, educational, spiritual and medical realms.

Sounds a lot like faith, no?

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these conceptions dated back to before the Biblical Gnostics and their belief of “Dualism”:

This idea purports that a cosmological conflict of antithetic forces exists and will always be polar opposites. In plain English, this means that throughout time and space certain contrary forces have and will struggle against each other. These forces are matter and spirit, evil and good, darkness and light, much like the Oriental yin and yang. In such a dualistic system, no overlapping or gray area is allowed.

As such, the hidden hand is a polemic, a devil’s bargain. Light and shadow. And the seduction of Zero Sum Gain idology is the simplicity. It’s either black or white.

It is, in fact, how the stage is set and the die is cast.

In a 1938 paper entitled “Dialectical and Historical Materialism”, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin claimed the following:

… Marx and Engels took from the Hegelian dialectics only its “rational kernel,” casting aside its Hegelian idealistic shell, and developed dialectics further so as to lend it a modern scientific form.

Stalin’s paper also cited a quotation from Karl Marx’s afterword to the Second German Edition of Volume I of “Capital”:

My dialectic method is not only different from the Hegelian, but is its direct opposite. To Hegel, … the process of thinking which, under the name of ‘the Idea,’ he even transforms into an independent subject, is the demiurgos (creator) of the real world, and the real world is only the external, phenomenal form of ‘the Idea.’ With me, on the contrary, the ideal is nothing else than the material world reflected by the human mind and translated into forms of thought.

It seems most of the progressive secularist leaders throughout history were intellectuals whose ideas, in turn, have delivered mostly misery, death and destruction upon planet earth.

And here we go again, in ways reminiscent of Nietzsche’s “Eternal Recurrence”:

The Will to Power as a Metaphysical Principle

…..[19th-century German philosopher Friedrich] Nietzsche contemplated writing a book entitled “The Will to Power” but never published a book under this name. After his death, however, his sister Elizabeth published a collection of his unpublished notes, organized and edited by herself, entitled “The Will to Power.” Nietzsche re-visits his philosophy of eternal recurrence in “The Will to Power,” an idea proposed earlier in “The Gay Science.” 

Some sections of this book make it clear that Nietzsche took seriously the idea that the will to power might be a fundamental principle operating throughout the cosmos. Section 1067, the last section of the book, sums up Nietzsche’s way of thinking about the world as “a monster of energy, without beginning, without end…my Dionysian world of the eternally self-creating, the eternally self-destroying…” It concludes:

“Do you want a name for this world? A solution for all its riddles? A light for you, too, you best-concealed, strongest, most intrepid, most midnightly men?––This world is the will to power––and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power––and nothing besides!”


Once self-declared Übermenschen begin using deception to “decide” for those they deem as serfs, there will be no more discussion on just law or natural rights.  Power, and its lack, are all that remain. And warfare decides.

The binaries will run their inevitable course in this current revolution and, at every turn, decisions will be made based upon values and principles; and the stories in people’s heads.

There will be no concessions. The social contract is dead.  The elite possess the most economic power. The plebeians have greater numbers but will mostly remain under the spell of the elite’s political and economic power. And those who eagerly serve the elite will constantly choose the wrong side of history, in nearly every circumstance, with diabolical enthusiasm.

To be sure, some rough beast has slouched through the halls of history, and down into Davos and Washington D.C.  There, it has birthed multifarious swamp creatures who remain ever confidentunanimous, and committed.

What do they think they see that we don’t see?

What do they think they know that we don’t know?

In truth, they are blinded by power and the lies in their head.  They failed to see how the best things in life were freely given to them: Truth, beauty, liberty, and love.  These are ideals that must not only be appreciated, but defended.  Yet, their empty souls will never be satisfied as their demented agendas are pursued and established through perverse doctrines and twisted morality.

The foundational binary in this fourth turning is the same as it always was:  It’s us or them.


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