Dear World, here are what happened in the past 72 hours in HongKong

by singular_craft

Dear World,

Hong Kong citizens here on one hand struggling to stay employed and healthy, we on the other hand struggling to get our voice out. Hear me out, this is not exactly a post to ask for help. We are here to warn the rest of the world for the totalitarianism we once tried so hard to keep at bay yet defeated.

National Security is forcefully enacted by CCP, in the past 72 hours:

Professor Benny Tai, pro-democracy activist and former lecturer of University of Hong Kong, was fired on by the school board. According to Professor Tai, educators in HK can no longer make controversial statements without consequences. That is the end of academic freedom in this city. (Local Source)

5 students activists were arrested at home under National Security Law for “incitement secession”. They started an IG account to initiate a group fighting for independence. Early in June when National Security Law they resigned and liquified their students activism group to avoid being arrested. Early in July they started in Instagram acct, yes an instagram acct because they havent started worked on anything else apart from that acct yet. But they are arrested because of that. That is the end of freedom of speech and thought in this city. (Local Source)

12 pan-democratic legco candidates disqualified and were announced their nominations invalid, an action to prevent citizens to vote for democratic candidates, by avoiding them to enter the race. That is the sign that we can no longer fight within the system. (Local Source)

We love this city very much. Seeing this city slowly destroyed and cooked in the hands of CCP’s infuriates us. Yet once again this is not an SOS post. We are way past that. Those truly love this place will stay. (But wouldnt mind if your countries can help and sanction those pro-CCP and the police force here you know?)

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But the claws of CCP crept though and will be there for your country soon. I can’t tell you to not vote for Biden (he is pro-ccp) but I understand Trump is… Trump. And I won’t tell you to boycott products from China because I understand in times like this many people are unemployed and cheap products are first choices in many cases. But at least, be aware of the immigrants and students from CCP ok? Keep them away. Don’t fall for the money trap we fell for 20 years ago. You can do it you know?

What are some issues going in your country? Any South Koreans here can tell me about how your real estate market is made impossible by Chinese buyers? Any Thai here could tell about this brutal new constitution? What’s happening in your country? Shall we talk?

Best wishes,

A Hongkonger upsetted by News but want to hear your countries’ problems, with VPN of course (not sponsored)


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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