DeBlasio – NEW YORK had a “PEACEFUL WEEKEND”…Except for “that incident” AND 26 people SHOT!

If Mayor Putz had thrown in a “just kidding” line, his Tuesday press conference would have made more sense. Instead, he again looked like a mayor who doesn’t give a damn.

“Except for that incident, overwhelmingly we had a peaceful weekend in central Brooklyn,” Bill de Blasio told reporters.

“That incident” was the shooting of a 6-year-old boy and his mother. And the “peaceful weekend” included the shootings of 26 other people around the five boroughs.

If this is peace, what would war look like?

Called on his disconnect, de Blasio fired back by saying he was only talking about central Brooklyn. So now he’s just the mayor of central Brooklyn?

It is hard to imagine that New York will survive the nearly 16 months remaining in de Blasio’s reign of error, and even harder to believe he wants to do the work the job requires. Lazy by nature, he has coasted since he was re-elected in 2017 for his second and final term, and his performance during the pandemic reveals he’s already quit on the city.


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