DEBUNK THIS: Google trends of various elections: Is google more accurate than polls? (It has predicted the winner in all the last 4 elections)

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(Update: It seems you can use this to detect electoral fraud)

2004 election,Bush

2008 election:,%2Fm%2F0bymv

2012 election:,%2Fm%2F0271_s

2016 election:,Trump

2020 election: (past 90 days),Trump


Note: 2008 was an overwhelming win for Obama
The last 2 elections were very tight
the coming election looks like a total red tsunami.


Someone else noticed this, 3 years ago!

Marjory Taylor Green VS John Cowan,Marjorie%20Taylor%20Greene

Brian Kemp vs Stacy Abrams,Brian%20Kemp

Klobuchar vs Jim Newberger. (2018),Jim%20Newberger.

Seems to work even for senate elections

Republican Mark Harris VS Robert Pittenger

Note: Harris was accused of election fraud ..yet google shows him winning in a landslide!,Mark%20Harris

h/t JADR


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