Debunking the lies about the Mueller “investigation” and the “Russian Influence” Campaign still being spread by Neoliberal Mass Media

by Ian Shilling

This article is pretty long, but it seeks to debunk all the various angles of the current Russiagate nonsense in one place. 

The Mueller “Investigation” aka Witch Hunt and “Evidence” of Trump/Russian Collusion

The supposed purpose of setting up Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation in May 2017 was to investigate the allegations of “Trump/Russia” collusion.

This was a 100% lie.

Everyone in the Obama admin 100% knew there was no “Trump/Russia” collusion.
John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper etc. had used the full resources of the CIA, FBI, NSA, MI6, GCHQ, DNC, Clinton Campaign and the entire Neoliberal Media for more than a year and come up with zip.

If the entire CIA, FBI, NSA & MI6 couldn’t find any evidence of “Trump/Russia collusion” or “Russian meddling” after more than a year, how was Mueller going to find any using a team of 15 to 20 very expensive Hillary Clinton crony lawyers?
N.B. these were almost exclusively tax lawyers, not criminal lawyers, we’ll come on to that later.

Oh Mueller also had two or three Hillary Clinton cronies from the FBI, who had spent more than a year as part of the Brennan, Comey, McCabe anti-Trump Conspiracy from early 2016, trying to find dirt on Trump but failed.
How were they going to find any evidence of “Trump/Russia” collusion when they hadn’t found any, with more resources, after working on it for more than a year?

Obama himself actually said, just before leaving office in January 2017, that the evidence of “Trump/Russia collusion” or “Russian meddling” was “less than compelling”.

In fact the January 2017 “Intelligence” report, which was produced by around 20 of the most biased anti-Russia “analysts” that Brennan, Comey and Clapper could find, contained ZERO evidence of any Russian meddling, or any “Russian hacking” in the election.

The WORST and MOST they could come up with was that Russian government funded media outlets ran significant coverage of the 2016 US election, like EVERY OTHER Western “news” outlet.
Oh damn those pesky Russkies for daring to report on significant news events, like everyone else in the world!

The Russian news coverage of the 2016 election was actually MORE democratic than the Western media ever allows (see Appendix 1 below) which is why the Clintonista’s, the Establishment and the Deep State HATE the Russian media outlets so much.

These Russian government media outlets have a very small audience compared to Western media outlets, and this audience already knows (or suspects) to a greater or lesser degree that Western media outlets are DELIBERATELY lying to them.
Otherwise these people wouldn’t be watching RT or reading their reports in the first place.
These media outlets had a negligible effect on the outcome of the US election.
They did however increase their audience’s knowledge of reality.

WOW! DAMN those pesky Russkies for reporting the news in a somewhat informative and balanced way!!!!!

The Real Reasons for setting up the Mueller “Investigation”
The whole official narrative pretext / reason for setting up Mueller’s Special Counsel was, and remains, utterly preposterous, for anyone with a still functioning brain.

The ACTUAL purposes of setting up Mueller’s Special Counsel were, and are:

To undermine the Trump Presidency with whatever innuendo, insinuations and inventions they could dream up – and then leak them to the Neoliberal media.

To prevent Trump’s stated Campaign Aim of improving relations with Russia and ending the Neocon Wars.

To try and find any dirt, from anywhere, on any subject whatsoever, from any historical time period, on Trump or his associates to undermine Trump.
Hence the team of 15 Corporate Dem, Clinton spporting, Tax Lawyers to troll through 15 or 20 years worth of Trump’s (and his associates) business dealings and Tax Returns.
So to get Trump or his associates on some sort of non-payment of Tax crimes, or maybe some bribery or fraud with US public officials.
See below.

To harass and intimidate members of the Trump campaign team, by creating Process Crimes, as a warning and threat to non-protected political insiders.
The aim of which is to dissuade honest, genuine and pro America people from joining the Trump admin (even if asked to do so by Trump).
The Establishment and Deep State will tear your lives apart, the lives of your family, character assassinate you in the media, financially ruin you, and throw you in jail, if you start messing with them and contradicting or opposing their agendas or narratives.
See Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos.
These people are ruthless and completely without morals or ethics – they are genuine Psychopaths, with a complete disregard for the Law.

To keep the #Russigate Hoax going.
This may be the most important reason of all for the Establishment and the Deep State.
It fulfills and progresses ALL of the main Establishment agendas.

It Divides and Conquers Americans straight down the middle in an increasingly hostile, hate-filled, emotional, and partisan manner. If ordinary Americans are fighting each other – they are not going to be fighting the Establishment and protesting about the policies that are impoverishing or killing them.

It makes ordinary Americans (about half of them) hate Russians for no reason at all.
You can’t have a 1 Trillion dollar annual War Budget if you don’t create some enemies.
It is immaterial whether these enemies or threats are real or imagined, as long as a significant part of the public believes in them.
And the Corporate and Oligarch owned mainstream media can always be relied upon to sell a Pro War agenda, no matter how the ridiculous the Establishment’s lies are, to sell the wars they are wanting to start.

Stop ordinary people from questioning DNC and Corporate Dem Corruption and Lies.
“Hey where did all that Russiagate stuff go? Did the Russkies really hack those servers or the election? Or have we been had?”

Push the Wars the Empire and the Establishment currently want to push.
These are principally Wars with Russia and Iran, and to a somewhat lesser extent China.

It makes Americans (and Europeans) scared and fearful by creating a non-existent “Russian Threat”
Scared, fearful, emotional and hate-filled people are much easier to control than well informed rational people.

See 1984 as the definitive example of how an authoritarian, anti democratic regime, controls people through creating irrational fears and Perpetual War and actually makes ordinary people love their authoritarian, lying Oppressors.
“We have ALWAYS been at War with Eurasia.”

So what has Mueller Actually found in his “investigation” of “Trump/Russia Collusion – the official reason for setting up a Special Counsel investigation in the first place?

Absolutely nothing for the supposed purpose the Mueller “investigation” was officially set up for.

Absolutely nobody has found any evidence of Trump/Russia connections, or “Trump/Russia collusion” and they’ve had the entire resources of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ, Mueller, GCHQ, MI6, and the entire resources of the Neoliberal media going at it for nearly 3 years now.

You will note that the only indictments Mueller has made are for process charges caused by Comey / Mueller’s witch hunt (e.g. Flynn, Papadopoulis), or things like tax evasion which had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump and were their own personal business (Manafort, Rick Gates, Cohen).

See John Brennan’s “Spygate” Conspiracy and illegal and Unconstitutional spying, with the FBI, DoJ, MI6, GCHQ and the Christopher Steele Fake Dossier etc. to try and stop Trump from being elected and then to undermine him after he was.
This is the REAL crime of the 2016 election and afterwards, and the REAL meddling to subvert the election and American democracy in 2016.
The Conspirators should be prosecuted and all go to jail for LIFE.
Conspiracy to Subvert the Government is an actual real crime in the US Legal Code. And this is the REAL DEAL and the REAL CRIME against the American people by the Deep State.

Spygate includes trying to trap Trump or one of his close associates into being accused of doing something dodgy (see FBI and CIA informant and loose Trump associate Felix Slater, or the Russian Lawyer at the Trump Tower meeting who was already 6 months beyond her visa expiry – why was she allowed to overstay so long by Obama’s DoJ?).

Mueller’s team of around 15 or 20 extremely expensive Hillary crony Tax Lawyers has so far found:

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates tax evasion from circa 2010 to early 2014 (so nothing whatsoever to do with Trump).
This tax evasion  and money laundering in Cyprus, was hiding the lobbying fees that Manafort and Rick Gates earned from the former Ukrainian President Yanukovich.
The lobbying campaign was to turn the then Ukrainian President Yanukovich away from Russia and more towards the EU.
A lawyer who also worked for Manafort / Gates on this campaign has also been convicted or pleaded guilty.

The Podesta Brothers (John and Tony) worked on exactly the same Ukrainian lobbying campaign as Manafort/Gates. Have the Podesta brothers declared all their earnings from this to the IRS? Its worth investigating.

Michael Cohen evading taxes on the income he made from New York Taxi Medallions and fraudulently applying for a personal bank loan. (So nothing whatsoever to do with Trump.)

It is also insinuated that Cohen somehow committed FEC violations by paying off two of Trump’s former lovers to silence them (Stormy Daniels and the ex Playboy model).
However it is not illegal to use your own personal funds to conduct a private transaction to set up a Non Disclosure Agreement with another party who could somehow otherwise damage you with embarrassing revelations from past or current relationships.
Individuals, Companies and Corporations, and politicians do this all the time with e.g. ex-employees or former lovers, or divorcing spouses, or business associates etc.

Comey managed to entrap Michael Flynn and George Papdopoulos on Process Crimes as the direct result of carrying out his “investigation” aka Witch Hunt and Conspiracy of Entrapment and Subverting American Democracy.

Michael Flynn is supposed to have lied to the FBI about the (FBI wire-tapped) conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador when Obama announced his latest Russian sanctions (on a totally fabricated and false pretext) in December 2016, while Flynn was vacationing in the Dominican Republic.
There is NOTHING improper about the National Security Advisor designate talking to foreign Ambassadors about the latest developments concerning the US ad their country.
Indeed it is part of their JOB and they would be NEGLIGENT in carrying out their duties if hey didn’t do it.
ALL former people who were incoming Nat Sec Advisors for a new admin, agree.

Flynn was entrapped because he was not warned he was being investigated and was purposefully kept off guard by Andrew McCabe saying “we can sort this out quickly id you don’t have a lawyer present”. Michael Flynn stupidly and naively complied after having a professional and productive relationship with the FBI for years.
To me “don’t bring your lawyer” would have triggered nuclear level alarm bells – but that’s just lil ole me!

The FBI agents who interviewed Flynn in January 2017, didn’t think Flynn deliberately lied to them about the convo he had with the Russian Ambassador in December.
Flynn was on holiday for Gawd’s sake – is he really supposed to remember every detail he had in a phone call while lounging around on a sunbed by the swimming pool?
The FBI had a complete transcript of the conversation because they were Unconstitutionally spying on Flynn and recorded ALL of Flynn’s communications.
You try telling me Obama’s people would have found it acceptable if the Bush gang had unconstitutionally spied on all of them during the Obama transition in November 2008 to January 2009?
The Neoliberal Fake News media would have gone CRAAAAZY!!!!!!

Mueller’s FBI cronies created a false record of the FBI’s January interview with Flynn with “FBI 302’s” manufactured 6 months after the event.
Flynn’s lawyers are trying to get hold of the originals.
The FBI’s procedures mandate a complete record of each and every FBI interview is documented in an FBI memo, called a 302.

Comey, Mueller and their FBI cronies deliberately violated FBI procedures to entrap and then falsely accuse Flynn of a non-crime.
They ruined his life by almost bankrupting him with legal fees.
Flynn should be compensated with full restitution of his legal fees, plus punitive personal damages on Mueller, Comey and the other FBI officials in the conspiracy to baselessly persecute Flynn.
Comey and Mueller and th FBI agents should be prosecute for Abuse of Office and subjected to the MAXIMUM possible penalty allowed under the Law.

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We have a similar story with George Papadopoulos.
Papadopoulos was entrapped by John Brennan’s Spygate conspiracy with the FBI, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, MI6 and MI6 asset Joseph Mifsud.
Mifsud promised Papadopoulos that he could “arrange meetings with Russians”, and “meet Putin’s niece” who was going to “dish up some dirt” on Hillary.
Papadopoulis was extremely naive in falling for this.
But it isn’t a crime to fall victim to a concerted joint CIA/FBI/MI6 conspiracy to entrap an innocent person for partisan political ends.

The ACTUAL crime is with Brennan, Comey, McCabe and Strzok etc.
Thy should be prosecuted for it to the full extent of the Law and sent to JAIL for the MAXIMUM possible term. It was Abuse of Office as a minimum, possibly some Conspiracy charges can be made.

The FBI tried to trap Trump into doing some Real Estate deal in Moscow or having a meet with Russians, by using FBI and CIA informant Felix Slater to say he “could arrange things”.

If Trump did have any Russian contacts why the hell did Michael Cohen have to go scraping around the net trying to find an email address for someone in Putin’s office?

Why hasn’t Trump built a Hotel or Apartment Tower in Moscow if he’s been pally with Putin for years? A: Trump has no connection to or with Putin.

Why hasn’t Michael Cohen, having turned State’s Evidence for a plea deal on his Tax Evasion and Bank Loan fraud charges, given loads of dirt on Trump, for Mueller to charge him with all kinds of potential crimes that a billionaire real estate developer might normally be expected to commit – like bribing public officials?

In fact I find it quite astonishing that they haven’t been able to get anything on Trump when they’ve been trawling through his Real Estate deals and Tax Returns for the last 20 years.

Trump must be remarkably clean.

Or maybe the only things they could indict Trump on would also include incriminating members of the Deep State Establishment or protected political insiders (Oligarchs, senior Establishment Dem politicians, or Dem operatives).

It gets difficult to charge a prominent person with a crime when you have committed so many crimes yourself and you’ve been mixing in the same high powered New York circles for years.

Charges against Russians
Mueller has made evidence free charges against 13 Russians for carrying out the non-crime of running a commercial click-bait farm and buying $100,000 worth of Facebook ads across 2016 and 2017 to post ridiculous memes to Americans.
Said commercial click-bait farm was run out of a, plainly visible, non-covert, office in Saint Petersburg, known as the “Internet Research Agency” which sold internet promotion services to Russians and to people all around the world including ordinary Americans.

It charged between $25 to $50 to promote each meme.
Half of the ads were’t political they were advertising things online like an upcoming small music gig being held in the local town/city, or e.g. an internet ad for a small local business like a bakery.

The bottom line was that this amounted to a total of circa $10,000 of Facebook ads in 10 swing states in 2016 – compared to the Clinton campaign ad spend of $1bn plus.
The alleged Russian effort was completely negligible and had no effect whatsoever on American public opinion and didn’t change a single vote.

The Clinton campaign also spent over $7m on 500 plus David Brock “Correct the Record” social media trolls in 2016.
This was a FAR bigger covert manipulation of American public opinion, than anything the Russians have been accused of.

The Russians are alleged to have posted ridiculous memes like this to Facebook:

How many Clinton voters do you think this meme persuaded to switch their allegiance to Trump?

Mueller didn’t expect his charges to ever be challenged in court, therefore he didn’t need any evidence of a crime – just ridiculous unfounded, evidence free, allegations to stoke the Russiagate hysteria.
The people charged are Russians and in Russia.

But now it gets really hilarious!
Mueller has been caught out.
The accused Russians have hired American lawyers to start pre-trial disclosure.
Mueller hasn’t got any credible evidence, so he asked the Judge to delay proceedings.
But the Judge refused!!!!!!
He ordered Mueller to immediately hand over his “evidence”.
This was months ago now, I haven’t heard anything since.

Judge rejects Mueller’s request for delay in Russian troll farm case

The above article also provides a great example of the hysterical, evidence free, hyperbole with which the Neoliberal Fake News media are reporting the evidence free allegations of a non-crime by the said commercial click-bait farm known as the “Internet Troll Farm” and the total work of fiction “Russiagate” nonsense.

Mueller has also charged “12 GRU agents” of “hacking the DNC servers.
Again Mueller does not expect to see these charges to ever be challenged in court.
They are completely without foundation and baseless.
At best they charge Russian spies with Spying!!!!!!
Can you imagine how much the American media would laugh if the Russians accused CIA agents of electronically spying on some Russian organisation from an office in Langley Virginia!!!!!

This just about perfectly sums up the American attitude of “Exceptionalism” and “we can do no wrong, while others can do no right”.
This attitude is ingrained into the American psyche basically from birth, but certainly from the start of government schooling at age 6 or 7.
It is very difficult to break free from after being indoctrinated with it for decades, since you first  learned to read, throughout your government schooling and then reinforced by Establishment American media from Cable TV Fake News, to War Movies, to comedy shows and sitcoms, to Hollywood movies, etc. etc. The list is endless.

Its not just an American problem.
This was also ingrained into the Brits as “the exceptional people” during the heady days of the British Empire, right up until fairly recently.
It has been toned down a little bit since the 1970’s when it was obvious to all that the British Empire was gone and never coming back.
But it is VERY obviously there when you see (or have a private convo with) an embedded member of the British Establishment, such as a certain Sky News War correspondent I happened to have dealings with back in April, who falsely accused me of being a “Russian bot” because I wasn’t toeing the UK government’s Neocon lies. Anyone else remember that?

But it gets WORSE.
We 100% know that the DNC servers weren’t hacked by any foreign entity, let alone Russians.
The DNC and Podesta emails were supplied to Wikileaks by AMERICANS.
So we know Mueller’s charges are false.

How do we know this?

Read these articles:

We 100% KNOW that the Russians did NOT hack the DNC servers. How do we know? Because Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow James Comey’s FBI access to the servers to perform a forensics examination & Comey didn’t subpoena the servers for FBI analysis

No Evidence In Mueller’s Indictment Of 12 Russians – The Timing Of The Release Is Designed To Sabotage The Upcoming Trump-Putin Summit On Monday

The Russiagate Hoax full evidence – a pure scam initiated by the Clinton Campaign in 2015 and now continued for Arms Company profits 

Accusations of “Russian Meddling” affecting public opinion with online trolls and social media
Again these allegations are completely fictitious and evidence free.

There is NO evidence of any Russian attempts to influence American (or UK, or European) public opinion, or election results.
After concerted efforts by literally hundreds of people to prove otherwise, and concerted propaganda campaigns to suggest otherwise, which have been going on for the last nearly 3 YEARS, the War Propagandists have basically come up with a grand total of zip.

The Social Media companies have spent literally millions of dollars over the last year or so trying to find any evidence of “Russian Trolling” on their platforms, after being ordered to do so by the Russiagate Hoaxsters in Congress like War Racketeer Adam Schiff and Mark Warner.

This is what they have managed to come up with so far:

And all they’ve found is $4,700 on Google ad spend (reported by Google’s CEO to Congress).

An alleged $100,000 of Facebook ads bought by a commercial click-bait farm in St Petersburg, half of which were run AFTER the election and most of the rest weren’t run in swing states.
As reported to Congress and by Facebook’s CTO outside of Congress on Twitter.

And some trivial amount on twitter.

The social media companies must have spent a coupla million at least searching, and came up with zip.

None of those purchases listed above has been proved to be by the Russian government. We are having to take the social media companies word for it. Its not like they’re biased or something sic!

Literally millions of dollars have been spent on anti-Russian propaganda groups set up to push anti Russia hysteria and “evidence” of Russian social media trolling.

There are too many of these disinfo War Propaganda groups to list all of them.
I shall just pick out two of the most egregious liars.

The First Criminal Gang of Treasonous Propagandists is Bill Kristol Sponsored “Securing Democracy and Hamilton 68
The first major disinfo Neocon propaganda group I will pick out is the Bill Kristol sponsored “Securing Democracy”, a subsidiary of the US government funded German Marshall Fund.
Trump is paying for his own anti-Trump propaganda.
And its being used to fund and pay his worst Never Trump enemies.
I wonder if he knows this.
Somehow I bet that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have neglected to tell him!!!

“Securing Democracy is pure Orwell and Orwellian named as it is 100% opposed to Democracy and wants the US Deep State to control everyone in the entire world and to kow-tow to their authoritarian designs of one world government (this is colloquilly known as “Globalism” – see my other articles on this).

It also aims to over turn the result of the democratic 2016 election, either literally by deposing Trump in a Palace Coup or “legalized” Coup D’Etat, or figuratively by preventing a non-Neocon Foreign Policy.

This propaganda group pushes the Hamilton 68 disinfo nonsense on 600 twitter accounts that are accused of being “Russian Trolls”
This disinfo and lies are then repeated, promoted and propagated in the controlled Neoliberal mainstream media to “Amplify the message” without question.
So its exactly what the Neocons and Neoliberals are accusing (without evidence) the Russians of doing.
Talk about Projection!!!

“Russian bots” – How An Anti-Russian Lobby Creates Fake News

Greenwald: With new D.C. propaganda group, Democrats continue to rehabilitate and unify with Bush-era neocons

The 600 accounts have never been named, but they will be genuine Americans active on Twitter (plus a few Western Europeans) who actively opposed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, oppose Neocons & Globalism in general, have an active Twitter account and use trending US hashtags to increase their online presence and follower count.

So basically they could be any sane individual on twitter, with some awareness of what’s really going on, is active on twitter and has a largish following who gets lots of retweets.
(But nobody who is a “celebrity” and probably nobody who has a Blue Check mark.)

Hey guys – there’s a political hastag trending.
About something controversial (or controversial truth telling tweets could apply – like a War Criminal’s funeral for example).

“Those bastards are spewing Neocon nonsense again Frank.”
“Don’t worry Sheila, I’m right on it. Tweet the hell out of this thing with some Truth Bombs.”

The Second Criminal Gang of Treasonous War Criminal Propagandists are the Atlantic Council & DFR Lab

Again this anti-Russia Neocon Fascist propaganda group spews an endless torrent of lies about a non-existent “swarm” of “Russian Trolls” as well as pushing total nonsense and lies about supposed nefarious activities by Russia, Syria or Ukraine, while covering up the major War Crimes of the US, UK and other Western governments.

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The Atlantic Council is funded by major US arms companies, the War Industry, NATO, despotic barbaric Gulf States and a Ukrainian Oligarch – Viktor Pinchuk.

They support al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, Nazis in Ukraine and War with Russia.

Despite the endless accusations of “swarms” of “Russian Trolls”, the Atlantic Council has only ever directly named two accounts of being “Russian bots”.

That was @PartisanGirl (Maram Susli) and little old me! (Ian56, @Ian56789 Ian Shilling).

@PartisanGirl has a twitter Blue Check Mark so her identity has been verified by Twitter and an extensive library of YouTube videos on the Neoocon Wars, Syria and Geopolitics in general.

How anyone could accuse either one of us of being bots is beyond the Bounds of Reality.
These people are Delusional.
They are also Incompetent.

I responded to their ridiculous accusations live on Sky News and later in a BBC interview for Newsnight.

The details and the interviews are in here:

Ian56 (Ian Shilling) shows up BBC lies

Matt Orfalea @0rf has just produced an awesome 10 minute documentary on the Neocon Warmongers and War Criminals at the Atlantic Council and their Orwellian recent pairing with Facebook for further Censorship and Control.

Its a Must Watch

Neocon Cronies and disinfo co-conspirators of the Atlantic Council have accused several other accounts of being “Russian Trolls”.
But these are all genuine real people who passionately oppose the Neocons and their insane Wars.
I have had numerous online interactions on twitter with most of them and can verify they are genuine real people with a passion for Peace and a passionate opposition of War Criminals and their disinfo propagandists in the Fake News Corporate Media.

This is one example of false accusations by a Murdoch sock puppet and extreme delusional Neocon War propagandist Deborah Haynes.

Basically we all politely told her in DM’s to F*** O** and no we are not “Russian Trolls.
And then most of us posted our DM responses to her on public twitter with screenshots.
This was a great laugh and great victory for the good guys!

Extreme Neocon disinfo War Propagandist Deborah Haynes went ahead and published her ridiculous and delusional, evidence free, anti-Russia hysteria in The London Times that she intended to write anyway.
But she didn’t print any of our names, having learned that we were all genuine, honest and real people and it might backfire on her if she did. (See Ben Nimmo’s cataclysmic later mistake reported above on PartisanGirl and me.)

Dirt on Hillary

Trump and campaign associates were supposedly trying to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.
But why the hell anyone would need anyone else to dig up dirt on Hillary is completely ridiculous. Any decent internet researcher could find TONS of stuff in 2 or 3 days. LOADS of dirt on Hillary wasn’t even mentioned in the election.
The Clintons have a 35 year record of non-stop corruption, major crimes, drugs trafficking and money laundering.

Like Bill Clinton teaming up with HW Bush to traffic drugs into Mena, Arkansas and skim off some of the proceeds. Hillary laundered the proceeds through the Rose Law Firm and they used some of it for bribes and influence peddling in Arkansas. See Arkansas Finance Development  Authority (AFDA) which was the Clinton’s political slush fund before they set up the Clinton Foundation.

I could have given Trump a large file of many of the the Clintons major crimes over the last 35 years which haven’t really been aired in public (its censored by Mainstream Media) and would get Hillary (and Bill) major jail time in a country that actually had the Rule of Law for political insiders. Which the US doesn’t, but Trump didn’t need her jailed – just sufficiently humiliated and embarrassed.

Hell, Roger Stone knows all this stuff as well from working in the Washington DC Swamp for decades.
Hell he could write a book on all the dirty dealings by the Clintons and the Bush’s.
Whoops he did (actually several) – but a lot of the most juicy stuff would not have made it past the Book Publisher’s censor.
So why didn’t trump use Roger Stone for dirt on the Clintons?

Why isn’t he using it now as a threat to stop the Mueller Witch Hunt?
So many unanswered questions, as to what’s really going on here.
I’ve got a few theories, none of which I could actually prove.

N.B. Hillary lost the 2016 election because she was the worst candidate in history.

She is a Mass Murdering Psychopath, who destroyed Libya, reintroduced the Slave Trade, armed al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists for Regime change in Libya and Syria, tried to destroy Syria, promised WW3 with Russia, is totally (and very obviously) corrupt, had to rig the primaries and commit massive election fraud to defeat Sanders in the Primaries, and supported Obama’s Fascist Corporate Grab and American Job Killing TPP which would have impoverished every ordinary American.

Hillary lost key Swing States in the Rust Belt – Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Its not difficult to see why she lost those States:

There are a large number of Blue Collar Bernie Supporters in those states, especially the first two.
And all the Bernie supporters were totally pissed at her for stealing the Primaries, knew a hell of a lot about Hillary from other Bernie supporters and a significant proportion of them simply refused to vot for her in the general.

Those states have disproportionate numbers of people who serve in the middle – either through economic hardship caused by the gutting of American industry, or through genuine Patriotism for their country.
There are not many people in those States who have not lost a loved one, or not seen a relation or friend get killed, or crippled or maimed in the insane Neocon Wars.
Hillary was the Neocon War candidate and ordinary people are sick to the back teeth of the wars.
They don’t want to see any more of their friends get crippled or maimed in wars fro Corproate profits that have absolutely nothing to do with “keeping America safe”.

Hillary supported NAFTA which has devastated the rust Belt, and its evil Globalist spawn which was about to finish off the rest.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this and is blaming the Russians, is simply delusional or a paid liar for the Military Industrial Complex or the Corporate Oligarchy.

Appendix 1 – Russian news coverage of the 2016 US election and post election US politics 
English language Russian government funded media outlets had significant numbers of anti Neocon / anti Establishment / anti US Imperialism / anti Corporatism pundits on who analyzed and commented on the ACTUAL policies of the various candidates instead of endlessly reporting the mindless gossip, personal attacks, trivia, evidence free innuendo and outright propaganda and lies, that filled up over 95% of the Western “news” coverage.

These political pundits and analysts were a mix of about 50:50 American and foreign pundits.
They were a mix of moderate “left” and “right” wing.
So the left leaning people or Progressives were basically Bernie Sanders supporters – none of whom got to share their views on Mainstream TV.

The right leaning people supported a similar Foreign Policy to Ron Paul.
I.E. a non hyper-interventionist, non Perpetual War, non Neocon US Foreign Policy, which Trump was was also espousing during the campaign.
They also supported Trump’s stated campaign aim of improving relations with Russia.

Absolutely NONE of these people were Corporate Lobbyists or Lobbyists for the Military Industrial Complex or other “Special Interest Groups” – unlike most of the “independent” pundits appearing on Mainstream TV.

All or near all, of these people are basically blacklisted from Mainstream Media, who absolutely do NOT want any alternative views to be aired. People might start making INFORMED votoing and advocacy decisions if all views are aired, which is the absolute LAST THING the Establishment wants.

Pro Clinton pundits also sometimes appeared on Russian TV, but only as part of a lively debate with anti Clinton people (both left and right) so that all viewpoints could be aired with a wide spectrum of people.
This is actually how the media is SUPPOSED to operate in a Western democracy, i.e. giving a fair hearing to a wide spectrum of views, so that the voting public can make an INFORMED decision.

Few pro-Clinton pundits agreed to appear on Russian TV debates because they inevitably got slaughtered by the logical arguments and evidence presented by the anti-Clinton pundits and inevitably made to look like the Establishment shills and fools that they are.

Unlike all the Western Establishment “news” outlets, RT and Sputnik also reported the views and platforms of the Third Party candidates (the Greens and Libertarians), which mainstream media “news” outlets completely buried.
They also ran significant coverage of the Bernie Sanders campaign, with pro Bernie pundits, which all of the Western media mostly buried, or suppressed, as much as they could.

N.B. If the Western media outlets actually aired anti Establishment views in a somewhat fair manner, RT’s audience would drop to near zero.
But they absolutely don’t, so RT & Sputnik have an audience among open minded, at least somewhat aware (and wanting to learn) people.
WOW! DAMN those pesky Russkies for acting like the media is supposed to act in a Western democracy!!!!!!!
The EXACT opposite of how the Western Corporate and Oligarch funded Establishment media actually acts.
No wonder the Establishment & Deep State (which are 100% anti democracy) hate them so much.

A subset of Hillary Clinton’s Neoliberal Corporate disinfo media shills in the 2016 US election:

Appendix 2 Pure Orwell
I’m going to take this Appendix and also publish it as a separate article, as it shows the length the War Criminals and Traitors will go to, to spread disinfo and lies.

The UK government has now been exposed of doing exactly what it has been accusing (without any evidence) the Russians of doing.

Using Public Funds to run a covert online Disinfo Program to deceive ordinary Brits, in a program called the “Integrity Initiative” run out o the “Institute for Statecraft” – also Orwellianly named as it does exactly the opposite of what it says on the tin.

Guess what – notorious liar, War Propagandist, War Criminal & Treasonous Scum Ben Nimmo features prominently in this one as well!
Nimmo should be in jail under the UK’s 2006 Terrorism Act for providing actual material support to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.
Theresa May and the UK government is guilty of the same thing so its not going to happen unless there’s a change of government and Corbyn gets in.
(Nimmo has his ass on the line over this – so he’s going to do everything he possibly can to stay out of jail.)

Theresa May has spent £2.2 million of Public Funds to smear the Labour Party with false propaganda, lies and planted fake news stories.
This disinformation campaign is also planting all sorts of Fake News stories in the Mass Media to stoke up anti-Russia hysteria using nothing but lies and using tame Propaganda Mass Media Hacks who are assets of the UK government or the UK’s Intelligence Agencies MI5 and MI6.

These Fake News War propaganda hacks publish Fake News stories and then promote them and “amplify the message” on social media with their (usually large) social media accounts.
All these Fake News hacks basically follow each other on Twitter.
Its like a Cyber Stalking gang and YOU, honest peeps, reporters, journalists and Truth Tellers, are their targets for disinfo brainwashing and character assassinations and smears.

Chris Williamson MP: This Tory government has funded an organisation which has meddled in the domestic politics of our European neighbours while attacking @jeremycorbyn. That’s why I’m calling for an inquiry into @InitIntegrity – democracies don’t behave like this.

I visited the registered premises of the dubious ‘Institute for Statecraft’ just outside Auchtermuchty this evening.

The Govt has serious questions to answer about why it’s funding dubious groups that interfere in the affairs of European democracies and distribute misinformation about the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.

Tory government funded Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn



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