Deconstructing the Elon Musk fantasy, and quantifying the spooks’ ability to confuse us

by John Ward

I doubt if most of you have heard of In-Q-Tel: it’s the risk investor that gave Elon Musk his first gentle push along the Yellow Prick Road to billionairedom. I’ll expand on that one as we go:.

I have long harboured doubts about Mr Musk. He championed electric cars – a Climate Change nutter sop to the CO² believership – because he’s smart enough to know that the average tree-hugger is too dumb to work out that so-called fossil fuels are needed to generate electricity just as much as they are to fill petrol tanks. He up and left his car scam Tesla before the average Tulip investor spotted that the company’s vehicles were going to make their market debut at a retail price of around $480,000 – a little pricey, even for the most enthusiastic early adopter.

Over two years ago, I opined here that his Space X satellite launches also left me with ‘….doubtful feelings about Elon Musk. He says the idea of his throng of several thousand satellites is so that fast, high-quality, locost HD internet can be available to everyone no matter how remote they might be. But there are fundamental questions not being addressed…eg, Why the manned flight to launch his fleet?’

I speculated further as follows: ‘…those in charge of US defence spending have already expressed great interest in buying from SpaceX, and in using the Starlink system to improve comms among the more than a thousand overseas bases used by NATO/the CIA and the Pentagon….Elon Musk is building, if not a weapon, then at the very least a global coordination tool for American hegemenous quasi-military neocon foreign policy.’

So when, earlier this year, Elon Mask invoked the vital importance of Free Speech – and made an offer to buy Twitter in that same laudable cause – I remained sceptical.

Here’s a few things that most people (including me until two days ago) don’t know about In-Q-Tel in general, and Elon in particular:

  • In-Q-Tel is completely owned and funded by the CIA
  • Elon Musk said he was a “special agent” when he donated to the Republican Party in January 2021. And an FEC filing confirmed that Musk listed his employer as the US Secret Service.
  • He has made massive contributions to Zelenskyy’s Ukrainian thugs, and toes the US Deep State line to the letter on the “war” there.

So sadly, my cynicism seems to have been confirmed. It takes just under 17 minutes to drive from the CIA Headquarters in Langley (via the George Washington Memorial Parkway) to In-Q-Tel in Arlington.

In this century, all roads lead to Virginia. It does not necessarily follow, however, that when in America, we should do as the Virginians do. It just seems to be the way of the world now.

An outcome whereby Musk gets control of Twitter would be nothing more or less than cutting out the middle man.

Special hat-tip to Slogger Christo’s beady eye for completing my circle on this one.

The CIA is a sprawling institution which, like all government agencies, has a budget. The budget is a secret. It would be, wouldn’t it? The best bet using leaks and then inflation updates are that The Firm employs 17,100 people, and its current budget allowance money is somewhere in the $22-25 billion range.

But as we’ve seen, the CIA (like the Pentagon) has subsidiaries and massive investment holdings. It also sells a bewildering range of sovereign, business and agricultural stats and forecasting services that are phenomenally successful in their own right. So whatever the Central Intelligence budget allowances really are, they’re the tiny, visible peak of a Titanic-sinker of an iceberg.

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From its humble wartime beginnings as the OSS (during the Second World War, it’s almost certain there were more French OSS agents than there active Maquis cells) the CIA has grown to be – literally – the most effective régime changer on the planet; but even more disturbing, its profit flow from espionage and Black Op data has turned it into some kind of weird mélange of investment bank, murder incorporated, globalist business driver and media outlet.

Over that period of time, its mission has gone from being the destruction of fascism and protection of US interests to being a global perverter of electoral will and promoter of totalitarian top-down control across the planet….including the US State itself. Equally terrifying, it is now an important player in the US service economy.

Everyone knows the famous quote about the CIA’s job being to ensure the electorate cannot tell Truth from Propaganda. Its primary function is to create blind belief at home and confused compliance abroad.

‘Confused compliance’ is as good a segue as any into the immediate geopolitical future….

Multivariate fear

Not everyone’s dystopian fear is the same: for some it’s digitalised 24/7 surveillance, for others imprisonment without trial, censorship, a bent judiciary, media invention, an unaccountable intelligence sector, suspension of democracy or control of free movement. In the West (including the US, EU, UK and anglofone States generally) we have the full set.

Sewn between or grafted onto those totalitarian signs are an ever-growing number of alleged upcoming Armageddonesque “probabilities” one might relate visually with a chart as follows:

Now you may say that illustration doesn’t clarify anything; but that’s entirely my point – there are 22 factors in that model, and all I’ve done is suggest how one set of fears could lead to yet more….perhaps explaining at least to some extent what the 0.003% are up to and why they might use any of those factors to their advantage.

In reality, nobody in their right mind can say whether some, all or only one of these factors will be hyped.

What we have seen the loose Alliance of the grubby, the gullible and the greedy do so far – by which I mean, since the attempt to stop Brexit – is exercise pragmatism alongside ludicrous media sensationalism. Whatever was available at any one time to terrify the 7in8 was used….and when it ran out of steam, another “meme” narrative took over.

I do not think there is any meticulously planned game strategy towards the New World Order: they will pick whatever looks most convincingly horrific at the time. Only the goal will remain the same: the amassing of global weath-to-power by persuading people that only control by the few can save the many.

When it comes to bedwetters, from Langley to Wuhan via Brussels and Canberra, the Fat Controllers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to predicting death by starving, burning, drowning, infection, bankruptcy, injection, invasion or exposure.

And equally, once one tries to plot an avoidance course through that minefield, there is no such thing as a “safe option”. Believe me – I’m in the middle of it right now.

John Ward retired at 52 twenty-two years ago, and has never had to work so hard in his life. He emigrated from England to France in 2011. He is now leaving Europe in search of somewhere that can stop him feeling like a milch-Cow, and rekindle in him the belief that some people somewhere know the difference between human nature and unnatural sociopathy. It’s about the last thing he wants to do, but he isn’t going to hang around and become the 2022 equivalent of 1934 German Jews.



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