Deep State DARPA Wants Drone Swarms To Master Urban Operations & Control

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by Thinker

Wars and Weapons not People and Peace are the priority. Everybody living off government contracts to create more violence, and destruction in the world for profit. When does the soldier get his/her return for duty served??? As long as there are Veterans in the street, nothing is right on the USA Pentagon beat. US tax dollars spent on the wrong things…

By Technocracy News & Trends

This is DARPA’s third major push to develop coordinated and autonomous drone swarms, up to 250 per swarm, to be used in urban areas. DARPA uses universities (Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Univ. of Colorado) and giant Tech companies (Siemens, Heron) to build their military technology. ⁃ TN Editor

By Brian Wang

DARPA’s OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) envisions swarms of 250 collaborative autonomous systems providing critical insights to small ground military units in urban areas where:…tions.html

When there isn’t any limit on the spending and lost trillions aren’t causing a mass protest in the street, then who cares if the machines work or not…contract paid by the USA!!! In the United States, many of the men and women who went to fight wars for profits are in teh streets, homeless. Does anyone really care??? Wasted dollars for equipment not needed could be better spent elsewhere…do the commanders in the military really care about their troops??? Is there one group of men/women somewhere who have turned out to be successful after their leave from duty???

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Is everything about the military just spending dollars for toys and not about the girls and boys??? No veteran should be in the street…cold and without anything to eat…where’s the money going and who is supposed to be held accountable??? Who wants Trump out…the people who can’t find the $9 trillion missing from the Pentagon coffers, that belongs to the Veterans of the US!!!

Failed investigation to find the money or no one is looking???

Failed investigation to find the billions in gold stolen under the falling towers or no one ever looked…Mueller???

Easy to spend other peoples money…The Pentagon is buying the wrong ship, and it’s costing taxpayers billions

The United States will spend $585 billion on its armed forces in 2015 — the biggest military budget in the world by far. That’s just the Defense Department budget and doesn’t include the tens of billions of dollars that Washington spends on veterans, the purview of the Veterans Administration, or nuclear-weapons development, which falls under the Department of Energy. There’s tremendous pressure in Congress to spend less. Though the Pentagon argues vehemently that budget cuts will harm national security, there are some fairly obvious places where defense cuts would not only save taxpayers’ money, they could also actually boost national security.

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Case in point: the Navy’s patrol force for the Persian Gulf. The sailing branch’s plan is to revitalize the force with new vessels that will cost far more than the current ships. Worse, the new vessels will probably be far less effective. The Navy could do better by spending less — more than $3 billion less, to be precise. That would surely please Congress as well as skeptical voters. or more than a decade, a small force of 10 patrol boats has plied the shallow waters of the northern Persian Gulf, guarding Iraq’s strategic oil terminals and keeping an eye on Iranian military moves.

The 10 Cyclone-class boats, based in the tiny Gulf state of Bahrain, are some of America’s busiest warships and would likely be the first to:…-billions/

Wars, not people continues to be the reason they all want Donald Trump out…he won’t play the game!!!


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