Deep State Live: NBC hires Brennan, CNN adds ex-FBI agent to on-air talent

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More former intelligence community members getting on-air gigs with the media.
NBC News PR:

Former @CIA Director @JohnBrennan is now a senior national security and intelligence analyst for @NBCNews and @MSNBC.

ex-CIA head Brennan is now the news’ Senior Analyst?
Let’s remember he was a Communist sympathizer that voted for a presidential candidate that wanted to overthrow the government.
CNN already has James Clapper, and now they’ve added Comey’s assistant, who “turned in his badge so he can publicly voice his concerns”:
h/t Tejava4Lyfe

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7 thoughts on “Deep State Live: NBC hires Brennan, CNN adds ex-FBI agent to on-air talent

  1. The “Deep State” hires AL-CIAda Fake News anchor John Brennan!
    The Fake News/MSM/MockingBird Media is now hiring, an admitted liar to Congress, to rebuild their credibility?!

  2. So instead of being executed at Gitmo this Criminal , Treasonous, Traitor, Muslim Hugging pig joins NBC. UNBELIEVABLE POS NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED AND I HOPE THE SOB READS THIS. THEN AGAIN IT MAY STILL HAPPEN. THIS IS NOT OVER YET

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