Deep State new world order Holding Up Freedom, Liberty, & Justice – NO OUTRAGE?

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by Thinker

Who is representing the values and interests of the American people? Where are American soldiers fighting for America, or has it been for the interest of Kellogg, Brown, Root, and Halliburton? Look at your world! Look at the Middle East before and after U.S. invasion…are the people living better lives? No, they’ve been moved all over the world and now chaos from refugee migrations from wars of aggression and greed changing the face of the planet.

If the leader of Libya had not been murdered, the many of the migrants would have stopped there. Thanks to the Obama bombing without congressional approval, Libya now is a lawless land where Blacks have become slaves, and murder is in the name and memory of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. A U.S. citizen working for the government that turned their back on him for greed, power, and pure evil.


Soldiers, families, and many non Americans are waiting for justice. How long will they have to wait?

How many lies will be heard before the truth wins?

How long will a Department of Justice continue to show bias in the crimes of the elite? How many lies will you listen to, before you see that you wanted more when Hillary was the one you voted for? It Isn’t Donald Trump That the Department of Justice should focus on, Hillary is calling for the attention of all those who voted for her. You missed the show and the reason those who didn’t vote for her. Words and actions are giving the world the best look at Hillary Clinton anyone can get. Is she everything you voted for?

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