Deep state With Two Choices On Border Talks… Or Really None At All?

by Thinker

Close down the country over border security, which will automatically reset the start button??? If Donald Trump closes the country, he can decide who and who will be reactivated. How many bottom feeders have been living off the American taxpayer and milking funds that rightfully belong to Veterans and Americans who want to MAGA!!!

This move could result in a”DOUBLE CHECKMATE???”

A rush to move without really thinking about being cornered???

Did “deep state” open borders for corruption just make the wrong play???

President Trump told reporters he doesn’t mind shutting down the government over border security after sparing with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in the Oval Office over the issue. #CNN #News

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Many of the ideals for the country and the people that Donald Trump has, Ron Paul, the politician who ran for president three times and was given the same treatment by mainstream media. No many Americans saw or heard the words of a man who would have changed the nation for the better, and predicted everything Americans got from past presidential administrations.

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Ron Paul tried to get the MAGA movement going and exposed the “TRUTH” just like Donald Trump, but most Americans didn’t hear Ron Paul, but now that Trump is in the White House, the words of Ron Paul are ringing again in the ears of many. Now the move and choices of the POTUS make more sense after hear the words of Ron Paul from years ago…

Did you miss them???


History is everything!!!

Blowback on the way???


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