Deepest Economic Contraction in History Has Only Just Begun To Wreak Havoc

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There are serious consequences for attempting to stop the business cycle from functioning. The system needs an Economic Detox and yet it’s just getting more of the game garbage fed to it, every single day. The problem is only compounded. The danger is only mounting. The desire to create a bigger bubble is not to help people, help the retirement account, and help main street. It’s specifically to cause the biggest collapse possible to effect massive change, further erode the middle class, and enrich the elite. But hey, who cares, right?


Goldman Warns of More Job Losses With Jumbo Mergers on the Rise

Pandemic worsens NYC’s food crisis

Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F. –

Real Estate Market: Rental Apartments, Houses Pile Up From New York to Singapore – Bloomberg

Container slots sell out, risking holiday ‘shipageddon’ – FreightWaves

Technically Speaking: Market Bulls Are “All-In” Again – RIA

image_2020-10-16_152104.png (1046×570)

Fear-Greed-Gauge-101720.png (872×580)

Market-Timers-Chart-1.png (900×605)

Market-Chart.png (1050×673)

U.S. Justice Department hits Google with biggest antitrust …

Top Universities Took Billions in Unreported Foreign Funds, U.S. Finds – WSJ

Robots Encroach on Up to 800 Million Jobs Around the World



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