Defund the Police = Totalitarian Agenda

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Why is the left pushing to defund the police and make shoplifting not a crime under $1,000? I am leaving California. It has become an insane asylum that can only get worse. I am headed to Texas. This entire movement makes no sense. You said simply remove the immunity for police violence and that is enough. They are putting police officers on trial now for the first time so it looks like they are ignoring the immunity anyhow. Any thoughts?


ANSWER: I have explained many times that if you turn the police against the government, the government falls. I was advising protesters in Ukraine during their revolution. Yanukovich was bringing in Russians acting as police. I told them to use that to turn the Ukrainian police against Yanukovich, and it worked. I know people on those barricades, and I know people who were attending to the wounded. Once the police flipped to defend the people, Yanukovich fled to Russia. The CIA did not do that. What the CIA did do was hand-pick the new leaders, and the people were told if they overthrew them, there would be no support for Ukraine. That is the REAL story — not this CIA bullshit put out by commentators who had no contact with Ukraine. I use to date a Ukrainian girl who was tending to the wounded. I knew several people in Ukraine, even some who dared to take photos of Russians who had invaded long before it was even in the press.

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I have enjoyed exploring the history and looking at it in terms of patterns. Revolutions typically turn on the police. If they side with the people, the government falls. My sources have questioned the entire Defund the Police Movement, which makes no sense. The only rational explanation is this remains an effort to federalize the police so the government can enforce its personal desires. I have seen a similar argument in Florida where some are saying that the local towns should surrender their police forces to the state. Where I live, we have a county police force but some towns cling to a local police force to ticket people to raise revenue. That is a state sport in New Jersey. They gave me a parking ticket in a private parking lot, which is illegal, but you pay the $25 rather than take a day to go to court.

Therefore, I am not the only person to have noticed this pattern that the survival of the government depends entirely upon the loyalty of the police. In some cases, it is the military, as in Moscow during 1991 when Yeltsin stood on the tanks saying do not fire on the people. We would not have 450 people who “stormed” the Capitol building in prison facing 15 to 20 years for taking selfies if the police said this was wrong and refused to follow these tyrannical decrees.



Walgreens has been closing stores in San Francisco, which illustrates how dangerous it is becoming in California. Why would any politician make such a law? Everything seems to be supporting this desire to look like heroes and have Congress take control of ALL police forces nationally and make them all answerable to federal oversight.


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