Degradation of literally EVERYTHING

Seems that way, doesn’t it.

Everything in today’s society seems to be treated with or practiced in a half assed, not as good, neglected and indifferent way.

Examples I’ve noticed (Observations noticed here in NW OHIO):

1. Restaurants.
Once fancy, high end restaurants now feel like run of the mill burger joints these days. Restaurants I used to take my wife on special occasions for Anniversary’s and birthdays have lost that stigma. The service is complacent and rude. The food, once top of the mill, is now microwaved shit. Carpets don’t even looked vacuumed the night before.

2. Movies.
Especially at the theater. When was the last time you remember movies consistently being this shitty and non original. Remakes have become the new normal, and even those suck. It’s as if directors just gave up trying OR are deliberately making mind rotting films. Netflix is no exception as well. I have Netflix but spend more time scrolling through their hundreds of absolute garbage movie selections then I do actually watching anything. Most times I just turn off the TV.

3. Customer Service (any & everywhere)
I remember when the customer was always right, or at least was made to feel that way. At least felt appreciated for the business they were giving the business they were purchasing from. That is gone. These days, it’s all about the sale. “You want this..?..No?…bye” Managers aren’t training the workforce for ambition and client satisfaction anymore. I was in Walmart the other day (yes, Walmart) and asked an employee where I could find the Q-tips. He said “mmm.. not sure” and walked away. Just walked away!

4. City Decor/Appearance
Everything, from business/store buildings, city/neighborhood roads, lawn care, downtown, etc. are all starting to look neglected and not cared for. No one takes pride in where they work. Not even the business owners! City projects are either delayed or given 10 year completion dates. Have you noticed how long those orange barrals haven’t moved? Or how annoying those 1 lane roads/highways stay “under construction”. I have seen the same “Drive Slow Workers Ahead” sign for the past 10 months now and have not seen 1 worker ahead for the last 4 of those 10 months.

I know today’s youth and new workforce would eventually lead this country to 3rd world status, I just never thought it would happen this fast!


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