Delta Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights on Christmas Eve Due to Staffing Shortages

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by Chris Black

According to Bloomberg, at least 200 flights on Friday have been canceled by United Airlines Holdings Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. due to staffing shortages linked to COVID-19 cases.

Rewrite: major airlines are canceling flights on Christmas Eve due to staffing shortages linked to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Biden made this.

It’s about the ‘vaccine passports’. They want to be able to control everyone all the time automatically through an app.

The virus exists for the vaccines and the vaccines exist for the vaccine passports. It’s that simple.

But the virus was supposed to be dangerous enough to scare everyone into demanding a vaccine, and the vaccines were supposed to work. But because the whole plan was created by Satan’s minions, they screwed everything up.

And here we are.

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