Dem Director Shreds Immigration Narrative, Targets Biden In New Doc

“Gujral’s film examines Gurupreet’s family, a clan living in conditions that shocked the indie filmmaker. Instead of the impoverished hovel she expected to find she discovered a comfortable home in a modest neighborhood. It’s a far cry from the starving masses seen in India’s poorest neighborhoods.

“When you see how the majority of Indians live, these people are better than middle class,” she says of the girl’s family, adding the home in question featured marble floors.
Yet reporters covering the girl’s tragic death didn’t share the complete story behind the family’s economic status.
“That was my big moment,” she continues, adding one of the family members is a physician. “This is all a hoax.”

She turned her anger to the reporters who covered the case with a discernible lack of curiosity.”

The filmmaker had a difficult time finding a crew.

“I can’t work on this movie … it’s too right-wing,” she recalls one artist telling her. “It’s the truth. That’s not right-wing. It’s the facts.”

Another person balked at being part of “America’s Forgotten.” He admitted that he took part in the protests, adding that looting and violence is “what you need to make your voice heard.”

“What were you protesting?” she asked.

“I’m protesting everything that’s wrong with America today,” he told her.

“You went to a private school … what have you done to correct everything you think that is wrong,” she asks. “Did you give any money to charities? Do you do anything with Veteran’s Affairs?”

Gujral says part of her mission with “America’s Forgotten” is to send a tough love message to her fellow Democrats.



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