DEM TURNOUT LESS THAN 2016 (Iowa Caucus)

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The big news here is TURNOUT. They say it’s on pace for 2016, which is LOW. 172,000 turned out in then, down from the record-high of 240,000 in 2008.

Some are suggesting ONLY 124,000 SHOWED UP!

This indicates that the Iowa Democrat Caucus turnout will be well behind Obama 2008 levels when nearly 240,000 voters showed up to caucus. The turnout will be closer to that of 2004 when about 124,000 voters showed up to caucus in Iowa.

Likewise, a CBS News entrance poll reveals that only about 32 percent of Iowa caucus voters were caucusing for the first time, while nearly seven-in-ten caucus voters had previously caucused — indicating a low level of enthusiasm among younger generations in the state for the 2020 Democrat candidates.


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