Democrat Governors Are Obviously Violating Constitutional Rights

There is a story on FOX about NYC restaurant losing its liquor license. Its “crime”? It hosted a Republican club’s holiday party.

How many recall how the Democrat Governors have labeled various businesses “essential”, which is their technique for allowing business they support to run more freely, while restricting those businesses who for political reasons, they want to punish.

That type behavior by liberal dictatorial politicians is a clear and obvious misuse of government power as per the Constitution.

Here is one example of the law in general:

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How many of us recall high level Democrat politicians themselves violating with impunity the COVID restrictions?
Everyone, unless you are unable to read and watch news.

What is going on these days with liberal politicians in their wild desire for total power over everyone is shocking, and in my opinion, there is not sufficient evidence of the clear and obvious level normally required by the courts to allow such restrictions on our rights. An INFORMED electorate is essential to do OUR part to retain our rights so that we can call them out in a manner they know shows we know what we are talking about. Knowledge is truly power.

I like to bring things to light on this forum, such as this.
Without going into details, I am qualified to write such things that relate to law.

Your giving me a positive green karma tick when you see and support what I bring to light enables me to pin such threads, if they are not pinned by the moderators. I like and support this site for the freedom it gives everyone to be heard and get involved in such things. But I get down-voted by haters, and it takes 10 karma for me to self pin a thread for you to see, read and decide how you feel about it. Your support encourages me to write and post such threads, and it enables me from time to time to self pin some of them.



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