Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren misleads Americans on harm and costs of government-run ‘Medicare-For-All

A new report from the left-leaning Urban Institute predicts the plan would cost $34 trillion over its first decade. Sanders has said that it could cost up to $40 trillion over 10 years…

That’s why Sanders has floated a number of new taxes on almost every single American, including a 4 percent tax on each household and a 7.5 percent payroll tax. Sanders claims Americans would pay less for health care under “Medicare-for-all” than they currently do, even taking into account their higher tax burden. Warren has promised something similar — that “Medicare-for-all” would “lower costs for middle-class families.”

But the evidence suggests otherwise. According to an analysis by Emory University professor Kenneth E. Thorpe, 70 percent of working, privately insured Americans would pay more for health insurance under a single-payer, “Medicare-for-all” system than they do today.

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