Democratic Party Changes Their Name to the “EVERYTHING’S FREE” Party!

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by Natura Naturans

Democrat 2020 Platform: Everything is Free!

The Democratic Primary is no more than a competition over who can give away more free stuff: healthcare, college, cash – you name it, it’s free!

Here is a list of the free stuff the Democratic candidates have offered:

Free College;
Free Healthcare;
Cancellation of Student Loan Debt;
Reparations for African-Americans;
Reparations for Same-Sex Couples;
Free Childcare;
Free Housing;
Free Income;
Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants.

How do the 2020 hopefuls plan on paying for all this free stuff? Unclear/they don’t.

Even if Democrats did implement extreme tax rates, it still would not be feasible to pay for every citizen’s healthcare, education, housing, student loan debt, reparations, et cetera. Not to mention the illegal immigrants. Not only are the Dems promising all this free stuff to U.S. citizens, but non-citizens too.…g-is-free/

So Many Democrats, So Many Bad Ideas


So many people want to be president. Unfortunately, many have terrible ideas.

Sen. Kamala Harris wants companies to prove they pay men and women equally. “Penalties if they don’t!” she shouts. But there are lots of reasons, other than sexism, why companies pay some men more than women.

Harris also wants government to “hold social media platforms accountable for the hate infiltrating their platforms.” But “holding them accountable” means censorship. If politicians get to censor media, they’ll censor anyone who criticizes them.

Sen. Bernie Sanders wants the post office to offer banking services. The post office? It already loses billions of dollars despite its monopoly on delivering mail. Sanders also wants to increase our national debt by forgiving $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.

He wants to ban for-profit charter schools and freeze funding for nonprofit charters. That’s great news for some government-school bureaucrats and teachers unions that don’t want to compete but bad news for kids who flourish in charters when government schools fail.

Sen. Cory Booker once sounded better about charters, saying, “When people tell me they’re against school choice … or charter schools, I say, ‘As soon as you’re willing to send your kid to a failing school in my city … then I’ll be with you.'”

Unfortunately, now that Booker is a presidential candidate, he says little about school choice. He also wants government to guarantee people’s jobs and to pay more Americans’ rent.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to force everyone to buy fertility treatment insurance.…bad-ideas/

First Debate Proved The Democratic Party Has Gone ¡Loco!…gone-loco/

New York Post HAMMERS Democrats After Every Candidate Promises Free Healthcare to All Illegal Aliens

All 10 Communist clowns on the debate stage were asked Thursday evening if they would support giving government-run health care to illegal aliens – and all 10 said YES.…al-aliens/




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