Democrats and Racism – How the Left Conned America

by Mark Angelides

Why does it seem virtually unknown (or unacknowledged) nowadays that the Democrat party is the ones with the legacy of racism and hatred in America? And why is it that the population can’t see the Left’s policies for what they really are? Fascism and Nazism!
First some basic history that is being plastered over by the MSM:

  1. The Republican Party was basically formed to oppose slavery, which was fully supported by the Democrats who wanted to enforce and expand it.
  2. The 13th Amendment which abolished slavery passed in 1865 with 100% Republicans voting for it, and only 23% Democrat support in Congress.
  3. In 1868, the 14th Amendment passed giving full citizenship to former slaves. In Congress, 94% of Republicans supported and 0% Democrats.
  4. In 1870, the 15th Amendment passed giving the right to vote to former slaves. 100% support from Republicans, and yet again, 0% support from Democrats.

And sure, this was in the past. But the fact that the KKK was founded to harass blacks and “Radical Republicans” for their audacity should not be overlooked by schools and media today. Let’s look at a more modern example:
The 1964 Civil Rights Act that is now held up as the pinnacle of the movement was passed in both Houses by a larger Republican vote than Democrat. In the House, 80% of Republicans and 63 % of Democrats voted for it. In the Senate, 82% versus 69%.
And now we are expected to believe that the Republicans and Democrats just suddenly decided to switch? Whilst it’s true that with Barry Goldwater there may have been some blending, but that two entire arties just upped and switched…It’s laughable!
The Left has put out the idea that Fascism and Communism are two completely different groups, but they are not. They are so ideologically intertwined. The argument runs that “how could they be?” when they have fought each other in war, but just look at the Sunni and Shia Muslims. Both in Islam, yet almost permanently at war!
Dinesh D’Souza suggests that the Nazis actually got some of their ideas from the American Democrats. For example, the Nuremburg laws that made Jewish folk into second class citizens and took away their property rights were modeled on the Jim Crowe laws so favored by the “tolerant left.”
This is part of a cover up of historic proportions. The lies have been spread for decades, and they won’t stop now.