Democrats Beg Hillary To ‘Go Away’ As Clintons Prepare To Launch Cringeworthy 13-City Live Nation ‘Speaking Tour’

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by Geoffrey Grider


We’re three weeks out from the 2018 midterm election, and Hillary Clinton is popping up again like a Halloween ghoul who keeps rising from the grave to terrorize the American public; only this time accompanied by the increasingly #MeToo uber-villain, Bubba.

In over 6,000 articles since 2009, I don’t think we have ever posted one from an ultra-Liberal, crazy far-Left site like The Daily Beast, but I am today. Why? Because one of their lead articles today was all about literally begging the Clintons, especially Hillary, to get off the stage and make room for new blood. Of course, perennial houseguests Bill and Hillary have no intention of doing any such thing. They want money, and lots of it.

The highlight of thier speaking tour will be, of course, tickets that cost up to $750 apiece. Now you know what they want to talk about. Is Hillary considering another run at the White House? Republicans can only hope and pray she does.

FROM THE DAILY BEAST: The Clintons, it seems, can’t seem to call it quits, even if it means leaving members of their own party cringing and many more voters ready to “headdesk” themselves into a coma.

This time, it’s happening courtesy of a pay-through-the-nose-to-see-them rehab tour. Because if there’s one thing America hasn’t had enough of over recent decades, it’s efforts by the Clintons to recast themselves as normal, likeable people, as they cash checks and play the victim.

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Previous editions of this show have included Hillary’s two Senate runs and two presidential runs, which, depending on one’s perspective, were either an attempt to show independence from her husband or to be compensated for his myriad screw ups.

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Will you be buying tickets to the Clinton’s speaking tour?

But despite the last run ending with a loss to Donald Freaking Trump, the most flawed candidate Republicans could conceivably have run in 2016, it appears that nothing will get Hillary out of our political debate once and for all.

Hillary remains caught up in the delusion that the only reason she lost in 2016 was because of Russian interference. She does not seem to have fully processed the fact that she lost the electoral college, the only vote that counts.  She touts the fact that she got nearly three million more votes than Trump while conveniently leaving out that her tally of the vote still fell well below 50 percent.

Both of the major party nominees in 2016 were so unlikable, flawed and—let’s be candid—unethical that lots of us just couldn’t pull the lever for her even if we couldn’t stand Trump. According to a study from American National Election Studies, the words most associated by voters with Hillary in 2016 were “experienced liar.” Is it logical that she’d want to rehab her image, given all this? Perhaps. Is it possible? No. Do we need to watch her try? Definitely, definitely, definitely not.

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Donald Trump Rally Draws 7,000 People While 600 Show for Hillary Clinton

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump rallies drew first thousands of people then in the tens of thousands. For rival Hillary Clinton? The vast majority of her rallies were attended by mere hundreds, with rarely more than a thousand. 

Hillary’s continual pursuit of limelight and headlines ensures that the image of the Democratic Party remains an outdated, outmoded, and frankly despicable for far too many voters. This comes at a time when leading Democrats are attempting to focus voters’ attention on the future—2020, and beating Trump—and jostling for the role as the new party leader.

It’s time for Hillary and Bill to get off the stage and quit seeking the public adoration they’re clearly never going to get to the massive degree they crave it. Be content, like so many other party elders who turned out not to be winners, in working behind the scenes to help to deliver wins for other, better, up-and-coming, appealing voices. READ MORE

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