Democrats Destroy Every City They Rule. Even in Texas as Austin looks like Skid Row under leftist policies

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ONLY THOSE WHO DIDN’T WANT TO: Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Crime is up, especially violent crime, in Democrat-run cities where the “defund police” movement found a receptive audience in government. Now, the Times reports, “The surge is prompting cities whose leaders embraced the values of the movement last year to reassess how far they are willing to go to reimagine public safety and divert money away from the police and toward social services.”

It’s hard to care, honestly. I grew up in Detroit, once the economic hub of the country destroyed through generational control by Democrats. John Conyers represented the city in Congress for 52 years, over which time his district deteriorated to the point that sections of it resemble a third world country. That didn’t happen overnight.

The thing about Detroit is the shell of what once was is still there. You can see the building, empty, architecture today’s craftsmen could not replicate at a price anyone could afford, towering over once beautiful neighborhoods that now resemble abandoned farmland. It’s depressing to see.

So why did the residents of Detroit give the party that orchestrated their demise unbroken power since 1962? Same reasons Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc., etc., have done it – they’ve been conditioned to think the alternative is somehow worse.

It isn’t.

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WAIT, WHAT? WE WERE TOLD WITHOUT POLICE THERE WOULD BE NO CRIME:  U.S. cities that defunded their police are continuing to experience historic crime waves.

Did they fail to send in social workers?

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