Democrats Devastated, MSM Presstitutes In Meltdown Mode, And Globalist Will Attack Trump With Economic Collapse

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Democrats are freaking out and saying their friends are scared that Donald Trump has won. President Obama and Hillary Clinton must be freaking out that Donald Trump has won the election because they both may have a lot of personal dirt and crimes that won’t go unpunished with a Donald Trump presidency. Obama’s supposed legacy will be completely ruined or “wiped out”, but not with a cloth or bleach bit by Hillary Clinton, but by GOD, justice, and Trump! Hillary Clinton is likely to face criminal charges in a Donald Trump presidency.
Donald Trump
Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.
The evil, demonic, mass murdering Hillary Clinton has been defeated.
This is VICTORY for all Americans, even the uninformed, ignorant morons who voted for Hillary.
For almost a year, I’ve been publicly predicting Donald Trump will win the election. Now, with the deep state turning against Hillary — and with damning evidence about to be leaked that will take her down forever — a Trump victory is more certain than ever.
All across America, the “deplorables” have taken America back from the corrupt political elite.
CELEBRATE your victory, friends and fans.
We have defeated evil incarnate.
We have defeated hatred, bigotry and extreme deception of the mentally ill democrats.
We have defeated deep corruption, CHEATING, lying, rigged polls, rigged news, rigged FBI decisions and more.
We the People, just as I promised yesterday, are taking our country back.

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22 thoughts on “Democrats Devastated, MSM Presstitutes In Meltdown Mode, And Globalist Will Attack Trump With Economic Collapse

  1. Dear Mr. Trump,
    first of all congratulations on winning the election – “anyone but Clinton” was an important first step.
    Now it’s up to you to show you deserve the trust the people have placed in you, and that you aren’t just the other side’s version of “hope and change” meaning more of the same.
    Go ahead and drain the swamp in DC — both sides of it too, the Bushs deserve prison as much as the Clintons.
    Your election shows, if nothing else, that We The People are fed up with more of the same. It’s time for some REAL change, and if you don’t deliver it, you’ll be to blame for the revolution that will follow.

  2. Those JUDAS GOATS like Madonna, “lady” Gaga, Katy Perry, Milley Cyrus, who teach your children that promiscuity and intoxication are harmless and safe ……. THEY should be stripped of their wealth to pay for rehabilitation of those they MISled . These so-called female “entertainers” who lead MISlead young girls into sordid lives and walk away counting their money are nothing but highly paid PIMP’S enablers.
    ABCNBCCNNCBS are America’s ENEMIES. THEY are the BIGOTS & HATERS spreading dissension. All election night They & the PAID Talking Heads of the MSM have pounded in wedges and intonations of RACIAL DIVISION. On the Day after the election NPR is calling Trump’s victory “WHITElash” and calling those who voted for Trump RACISTS. Why are MY taxes supporting such a BIASED organization that attacks US?

  3. Nothing much will after this selection entertainment. The elite had this plan from the start in their fake wrestling of will still be pro Israhell, war and reduction of rights with a wall built to keep people in when things get real bad.

  4. ” Once the govt. reclaims the power to create money from the parasitic central banks, it will no longer need to sell its debt bonds to investors. It will not even need to levy income taxes… govt. issued currency would actually be less inflationary than the system we have now, and it is precisely because power and money corrupt that money creation needs to be done by a public body, exercised in full view and with full accountability… what has allowed govt. to be corrupted today is that it is actually run by the money cartel, big business holds all the cards, because its affiliated banks have monopolized the business of issuing and lending the national money supply, a function the Constitution delegated solely to Congress.” Ellen Brown

  5. Not sure what to think of a website that repeatedly says globalist when they mean globalists. That’s pretty basic English.

  6. Google “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia” and another article “infested” by Preston James PhD, to see the crooked elites who really control America’s Federal Reserve Bank, Wall St, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Arms Merchants, Academia, MSM, Congress, Obama, the WH, Hillary and Hollywood.
    At last, the American working class woke up. Trump is right. It’s time to clear the swamp but beware of the Neocons putting road blocks in Turmp’s way.

  7. I offer that what the American people have shown is that they are not mysoginist or sexist. What they are bravely saying is that they’re sick and tired of satanist super criminals ruining lives all over the world for the sake of elitist dominance. That said I believe that right now the Sith Lords are preparing their minefields and their snares for President Trump’s cabinet. Most likely they will try to tank the economy or create a foreign military debacle that will create chaotic conditions for the incoming presidency. In short they will spare no effort to destabilize the new hopeful constituency, whatever the cost. If they can’t find a scandal then they’ll produce one or two or three out of thin air. As we know the technicians of the Dark Side are experts at fakery, pretense and perversion.

  8. My thinking was “anyone but Clinton.” Wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching her tantrums as the returns kept coming in! Had the woman won, surely America would have been the loser!

  9. Happiest people in America are now the Bankers & Lawyers as the Main Stream Press has taken the lead as the least trusted group in the country. Hopefully, this brutal lesson will change things for the future. Lot of great patriots in journalism but many in the MSM lost their way. Time will tell.

  10. “Let’s find out whats been going on.”
    When Trump finds out who the CIA, Mockingbird, presstitutes are, they will be going to prison and have all of their assets confiscated. Hollywood, Manchurian, no-talent, comics like Maher, will lose everything. Like the coward he is, he will flee to Israel or the Bush Ranch in Paraguay. It is going to be sweet justice watching him do stand-up in bum-fuc*ed Egypt.
    Then we will see the death to Lame Stream Media by having their licenses to broadcast pulled.
    They will be forced to divest ownership at a deep discount before facing long prison terms. haha

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