Democrats Devastated, MSM Presstitutes In Meltdown Mode, And Globalist Will Attack Trump With Economic Collapse
Democrats are freaking out and saying their friends are scared that Donald Trump has won. President Obama and Hillary Clinton must be freaking out that Donald Trump has won the election because they both may have a lot of personal dirt and crimes that won’t go unpunished with a Donald Trump presidency. Obama’s supposed legacy will be completely ruined or “wiped out”, but not with a cloth or bleach bit by Hillary Clinton, but by GOD, justice, and Trump! Hillary Clinton is likely to face criminal charges in a Donald Trump presidency.
Donald Trump
Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.
The evil, demonic, mass murdering Hillary Clinton has been defeated.
This is VICTORY for all Americans, even the uninformed, ignorant morons who voted for Hillary.
For almost a year, I’ve been publicly predicting Donald Trump will win the election. Now, with the deep state turning against Hillary — and with damning evidence about to be leaked that will take her down forever — a Trump victory is more certain than ever.
All across America, the “deplorables” have taken America back from the corrupt political elite.
CELEBRATE your victory, friends and fans.
We have defeated evil incarnate.
We have defeated hatred, bigotry and extreme deception of the mentally ill democrats.
We have defeated deep corruption, CHEATING, lying, rigged polls, rigged news, rigged FBI decisions and more.
We the People, just as I promised yesterday, are taking our country back.