Democrats don’t really want to run on $5-a-gallon gas, 9% inflation, and scarce baby food this November.

As was pre-ordained, the House Judiciary Committee passed HR 1808 on to the full House of Representatives yesterday. The bill moved on after a party-line vote which was preceded by some of the most entertaining debate and testimony in recent memory. And by entertaining, we mean in a facepalmingly sardonic, end-of-the-empire kinda way.

As was noted yesterday in a piece by the Outdoor Wire’s Jim Shepherd, this is all an exercise in election year kabuki. Democrats don’t really want to run on $5-a-gallon gas, 9% inflation, and scarce baby food this November. They know damn well that, particularly after passing the Cornyn-Murphy gun control bill, the Senate has zero appetite for diving in for more gun control four months before an election.

That’s why the hearings on this new bill, as well as their attempt to kill the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, are doomed legislatively. As Politico reports, Nancy Pelosi is having trouble wrangling all of her own troops to vote for this thing so close to November. But they’re trying because the bill would give them something “positive” to run on with their hard core anti-gun base as the midterms draw closer.

So committee Dems, under the able leadership of noted firearms expert Chairman Jerry Nadler, took the opportunity yesterday to rail against individual firearm ownership and the horrors that rain down upon a society that allows civilians to own “weapons of war” while tossing out sound bites and scoring some rhetorical points…or so they thought.

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What the committee’s Dems actually did was display a jaw-dropping level of stupidity, ignorance, misinformation, and outright lies that was nothing if not revealing.

Take, for instance, Chairman Nadler explaining to Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie — an avid gun owner who has an engineering degree from MIT — why the “assault weapons” ban bill they’ve written would outlaw .223/5.56 AR-15 rifles, but not the .30-06 M1 or the 7.62mm SKS You know…actual weapons of war.


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