Democrats Fully Embrace Far Left, Extremist Policies… The Winner Of The First Democratic Debate: Donald Trump

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YES: The winner of the first Democratic debate: Donald Trump. “The Republican commander in chief emerged from the scrap largely unscathed, while several of his would-be rivals took aim at each other instead.”

IRA STOLL: “Last night’s presidential debate disclosed a Democratic Party with no real consensus on a series of major issues.”

Well they all agree that Orange Man is Bad.

Related: Roger Kimball: A pathetic exhibition of virtue-signaling in Miami. “Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has presided over one of the most — I think it is probably the single most — successful opening years of any president ever. That’s a difficult record to run against. So what tonight’s 10 candidates did — and I am certain that tomorrow’s will as well — was to deny reality and pretend that they were running against the Donald Trump of their dreams: a dark figure whose policies hurt instead of helped average Americans, who was anti-black, anti-woman, anti-immigrant.”



TIM RYAN: The Democratic Party Has a ‘Perception Problem’ as ‘Coastal, Elitist.’

Last night might have gone some ways towards curing viewers of any perception that there’s much elite about the candidates.


TAMMY BRUCE: Democrats reinforce the politics of resentment and victimhood.

When gay marriage became the law of the land, that was success from a nation that is constantly working to become more fair and free. Now, we’re being told that’s not enough. There is now a new grievance in the perpetual racist, sexist, homophobic America. We are now to use that as an economic weapon or as another cudgel with which to extort political power and reinforce divisions among us instead of moving forward with our victories.

For the Democratic Party machine, however, there can never be success, there always has to be a new appended wrong or violation, some new campaign to convince you that victimhood will never end, and you must always resent, well, everyone. Including those who may think differently or simply disagree politically. That is the racist, sexist and homophobic position, as they work for their own constituencies believing the lie that they will always be victims and can never become equal willing partners in society. It’s insulting, damaging and limiting.

Americans seeing each other as neighbors, friends and colleagues as opposed to the malicious “other” is to Democrats as water is to the Wicked Witch. The melting of the left is already occurring, and all they have is to appeal to the worst in people.






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