Democrats have had control of the White House, the House of Representatives and the senate for nearly a year. Now ask yourself Are you better off? Is Covid-19 under control? Are your streets safer? Is our handling of foreign policy better?

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GO ON AND TAKE THE RED PILL: COVID School Policies Made Me Sour on the Democratic Party.

I kept hoping that someone in our all-Democratic political leadership would take a stand on behalf of Cleveland’s 37,000 public-school children or seem to care about what was happening. Weren’t Democrats supposed to stick up for low-income kids? Instead, our veteran Democratic mayor avoided remarking on the crisis facing the city’s public-school families. Our all-Democratic city council was similarly disengaged. The same thing was happening in other blue cities and blue states across the country, as the needs of children were simply swept aside. Cleveland went so far as to close playgrounds for an entire year. That felt almost mean-spirited, given the research suggesting the negligible risk of outdoor transmission—an additional slap in the face.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Democrats are trying to scare America over a civil war they’re trying to start.


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