Democrats Hedge Their Bets: Kamala Harris Was Sworn in as a US Senator on Sunday… CNN Freaking Out, Setting Up 25th Amendment

Kamala Harris Was Sworn in as a US Senator on Sunday

Democrats know that it looks awful that Kamala Harris has not vacated her Senate seat, no matter how they try to redirect questions about it, or how they to gaslight Americans and make us feel crazy for asking about it, it is extraordinary that she has not stepped aside.

We do not understand why she is clinging to her Senate seat, but the fact is that she is, a recently sworn-in Senator for the 117th Congress.

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Harris’s term is over in two years, and she claims that she is the Vice President-elect, but she is, in fact, a US Senator, who was sworn in with the collective office holders on Sunday.


CNN freaking out, setting up 25th amendment


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