Democrats LOSE their first battle of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial as Senate votes AGAINST subpoenaing the White House for cache of Ukraine documents

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by smurfin101

Bad day for the dems. They learned today that they have to follow the rules of the constitution and they’re very unhappy about it. They want to bring witnesses while refusing to allow the senate to bring in Hunter Biden and the others that would destroy their entire sham.



  • Donald Trump on Tuesday became the third U.S. president to face a Senate impeachment trial

  • Rep. Adam Schiff blasted a proposed rules package and said Trump sought to ‘coerce’ Ukraine into helping him ‘cheat’ in the election 

  • Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. Richard Nixon resigned while facing impeachment 

  • Trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for holding military aid for Ukraine in an attempt to get them to probe Joe and Hunter Biden

  • Trump denies he committed an impeachable offense and his defense has assailed the Democrats’ process and lack of Republican backing 

  • At 1.17pm, the Senate under Chief Justice John Roberts, started the first debate of his trial: how it will be run

  • Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell released his proposed rules Monday evening setting stage for bitter partisan warfare. His Democratic counterpart Chuck Schumer called the rules ‘a cover-up not a trial’

  • Schumer called the rules ‘completely partisan’ and said they ‘seem to be designed by president Trump for President Trump

  • McConnell modified his initial package to allow 24 hours of debate for each side over three days  

  • Schumer proposed an amendment that would allow Democrats to subpoena White House documents but the Senate voted that down 

  • Hearings could go long into the night, and Trump will be absent on Tuesday and Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

  • Scroll down to read the articles and find out who is prosecuting Trump and who is defending him


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