Democrats now want the Federal Government to control Twitter

by Doctor Congo

The elite have lost control of Twitter and now they want it back by imposing their control over what information is allowable.

These elites are just fine with the Big Tech monopolies of Facebook and Google, because they already control free speech in those companies.
But they lost control of Twitter and they are freaking out, that is a strong term but it is accurate.

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The elite are so mad at Musk that they now have the Auto safety watchdog NHTSA investigating his car company. They are not even trying to hide their attacks. The article below is a direct threat from this liberal senator against both his companies.
Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) clashed with billionaire Elon Musk in an online exchange Sunday, telling the world’s richest man to “fix your companies or Congress will” after Musk mocked the senator’s complaints about Twitter.


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