Democrats VOW to REPEAL the Tax Cuts – Pelosi: "Repeal the Bill"

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Democrats VOW to REPEAL the Tax Cuts
“I would welcome Democrats running for election based on, ‘Let us slow down the American economy, raise taxes and make sure people’s paychecks are stagnant for another decade,’ ” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) told reporters earlier this week.
“That would be a terrible campaign theme for them to run on, but I welcome them to do it,” he said.
Pelosi acknowledged Democrats will need to retake the House to have any chance of repealing and replacing the tax law.
“It may have to be a ‘replace and repeal’ — replace them and repeal the bill,” she said.
Democrat Protesters Chant: “Raise our taxes!”

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8 thoughts on “Democrats VOW to REPEAL the Tax Cuts – Pelosi: "Repeal the Bill"

  1. After the mid term election beat down of the democRATS Pelosi can sell oranges at a freeway exit. At the least she will be with her people, illegals collecting US taxpayer provided benefits. MAGA

    • Don’t count on it… Unless the election fraud is fixed, we’ll see a landslide victory of DINOs and RINOs. And Trump made a big mistake when he backed down on the election integrity commission.

  2. Illinois as a State is in deep debt. The people demonstrating in the video are obviously people who want their pension payments to continue …
    This is the first report to give a complete picture of Illinois’ total retirement debt. All told, state and local governments in Illinois owe more than $203 billion for pensions and retiree health insurance. This is more than $41,000 in retirement debt for every Illinois household.

  3. I don’t care what the Democrats or Republicans run on. What should actually should happen for the good of the country is a massive deficit reduction bill should be put in place to address the structural deficits, the new tax reform bill, and all the additional infrastructure spending the Trump administration has proposed.
    1. Make the middle class tax cuts of the reform permanent versus expiring in 2025 and the immediate expensing of capital expenditures.
    2. Welfare and entitlement reform, reinstate workfare, include Medicaid and Medicare reform
    3. Slight modifications to Social Security including raising the cap income level on SS withholding
    4. Increase the top marginal rate back from 37% to at least 39.6%
    5. Increase the capital gains tax rate top marginal rate to 25% or 27% while also increasing the holding period to at least 2 years if not 3 to receive favorable treatment. Eliminate the Sec 1411 Medicare surcharge for simpification.
    6. Eliminate the category “qualified dividends” and tax all dividends as ordinary income. In general, individual income
    should be taxed, not corporations as the corporate has already been reduced.
    7. Stretch the carried interest loophole to 5 years from recent change to 3.
    8. Increase slightly the already existing carbon tax, the Federal gas and diesel taxes. Eliminates the need
    to create a new tax system/structure and creates another method for funding the infrastructure.
    These are reasonable compromises that should be negotiated to bring the financial order of the Federal government back into balance. Doing nothing is not an option and will be a recipe for financial calamity.
    Here are some other cuts and ideas that might be included in a reform package:

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