Democrats Will End Your Freedom Of Speech Next Week

Multiple sources have informed us that House Democrats, led by Far Left Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, plan to vote on H.R. 1, their bill to remake American election laws,

some time the first week of March.

We have two ways you can help stop this disaster: First, go to Act for America’s FreeRoots campaign and use the easy online tools to let Congress know you oppose this Un-American assault on free speech and free and fair elections. Second, call these 45 vulnerable House Democrats to politely, but firmly, demand they vote NO on HR1.

Given that the bill is almost 800 pages long, we have many specific technical and philosophical objections to H.R. 1, but most of them can be distilled down to this: H.R. 1 would set up an Un-American speech police and speech czar to monitor the political speech of everyday Americans.

Under this Democrat scheme any American who might make a political comment on their social media or personal email list, could be subject to regulation and reporting to the government and hefty fines for failure to comply.

This is contrary to the First Amendment and our traditional understanding of freedom of expression.

But don’t take our word for it. The Institute for Free Speech has done extensive analysis of the bill and its team of experienced election lawyers, constitutional lawyers and free speech advocates have produced some of the best critiques of the bill we’ve seen.


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