Denmark Takes Lead on Reopening After Virus

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by informedamerican

Most Western nations are locked up tight as drums during the coronavirus scare, but several Nordic countries are charting a different course.  Sweden took the rational approach, asking those at risk to remain under self-quarantine and for the rest of the population to pay attention to social distancing.  They figured the virus would spread anyway.

Now, Denmark is the first country to announce plans for the next phase, how to reopen… and true to form, they’re focusing on the kids.

Denmark will reopen day cares and schools for children in first to fifth grade starting April 15, if the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths remain stable.

The goal is to get the education system back on track as quickly as possible, limiting the interruption to learning.

In the U.S., there are plenty of parents who would gladly drop their kids off anywhere, as long as they didn’t have to stay cooped up with them anymore, doing their best to sort out homeschooling!


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