Dershowitz Destroys Robert Mueller: He Has a Credibility Problem! (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who by the way is a well known Democrat, has said on Monday on Fox News? Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that special counsel Robert Mueller has a credibility problem, and that’s quite big considering the source. Here’s Alan Dershowitz:
“I’m not a Republican, I’m a Democrat. I think he has a credibility problem. He should have been more careful about who he hired. He should have disclosed he had taken that FBI agent off the case after his messages came out. I think he has a credibility problem on these emails without a warrant. I think he has a credibility problem if he used the dossier in order to get national security wiretaps.”
“He has been conducting a sloppy investigation, and that’s atypical of him. I’m surprised. When you are going after the president, you have to be Caesar’s wife. You have to be above reproach. You can’t give the other side any ammunition, and he has given the other side plenty of ammunition.”

I’ve always believed that Dershowitz was the most fair and even handed legal mind out there. Which doesn’t mean I always agree with him, but he does have a way of cutting through the drama and hyperbole to give a sober assessment of any legal situation. He’s almost always right. When it comes to Trump, legally speaking he’s been correctly predicting legal outcomes since Trump took office. He was the first (and only) Democrat to admit that Sally Yates should have resigned, instead of refused to defend the president’s executive order. He made the point that it was likely legal what Trump was doing and that she was coming across as political by making a determination about the constitutionality of the order, which is the business of the Supreme Court (who ultimately said the president did not violate constitutional protections). It was Dershowitz who reminded everyone that the Justice department defends even bad policy, like torturing people. He’s a very smart man.
It’s now obvious that Bob Mueller’s investigation was never about the Russian collusion. This is about trying to get rid of Donald Trump one way or another, by any means necessary. If the investigation were about Russian collusion in the 2016 campaign, Clinton would already be indicted. This Special Prosecutor is working well outside of the Independent counsel statute. Jeff Sessions should wake up from his stupor and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Mueller investigation. There have already been numerous Constitutional violations.
The only collusion was between the Clinton Campaign and the FBI/DoJ. Moreover, there is a Russian connection between Hillary and Obama’s administration regarding the infamous Uranium One deal. Uranium One is a major example of the CGI pay to play scheme to back its criminal enterprise. But, there is also Clinton’s (DNC’s) financial support for the Trump Dossier, which heavily relied on Russian actors.
Everybody seems to have forgotten the Bangladesh Banking deal, where as Secretary of State, Hillary strong-armed the prime minister, by threatening to put her son in jail, in the U.S., to get the prime minister to keep Hillary’s big donor buddy at his job, as the head of what I take to be their equivalent of our Federal Reserve.
At this point, Mr. Mueller’s investigation is so thoroughly compromised by its obvious partisanship and bias, evidence of judicial prejudice, and patent personal conflicts, not to mention unconstitutional methods in obtaining evidence, that as it goes forward it only makes it embarrassing to the people who called for it in the first place. Maybe it will win in the court of public opinion? But in a court of real law, it’s nonexistent.

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3 thoughts on “Dershowitz Destroys Robert Mueller: He Has a Credibility Problem! (VIDEO)

  1. I knew this from day one. The main problem though, either he will have to admit there is nothing to the allegations and quit ot the democrates will have to pressure him to stop and resign. If Trump stops the probe and fires him, the democrates will have a “field day” screaming OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ! Which is likely what they really wanted all along, even though they know there is nothing to the charges of collusion.

      • You should always give a man enough rope to hang himself and his friends. The solution will be to demand ALL his findings be made public. If he has something concrete on Trump; good then it should be acted upon. If he has spent a few million dollars and can find nothing to support his claims of wrong doing; demand he re-pay the American people for the money he wasted.

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